Bazoff in Dakar: delicous dinner!


I went to dinner at Bazoff with Youma, and when I did, I knew it was time for another foodblog! It has been such a while since I wrote one. Also, since I’m back in Senegal, I just knew it was about time. In my last review, you can read all about Mawa’s Taste of America. Today, I’m taking you with me to Bazoff in Dakar. This is the first time I went to Bazoff and it was amazing. Let’s get into some great, delicious food!


Bantu knots in Dakar

Bantu knots

Hi guys, I am back in Dakar and I tried something new: Bantu knots! As you could see from my previous videos and pictures, I initially wore a wig to Senegal. This was mostly because I knew I’d be very busy during the FundWell program to do my hair on a daily basis. However, I’m back in Dakar and I am wearing bantu knots! Honestly, I actually LOVE it! Also, it has been a while since I updated you on my hair. In my last hair related article, I told you all about braiding myself. Let’s get into these perfectly crafted knots, shall we?!


Mawa’s Taste of America – brunch

Mawa's Taste of America

For the first time I’ve visited Mawa’s Taste of America and gotten to eat an American-ish brunch. Also, I know it has been such a long while since I wrote a foodblog! However, since I’m back in Senegal, I know I have to. My last review was about Miam’s Restaurant in Dakar. Today however, I’m going to show you some real American inspired breakfast/ brunch/ lunch from Mawa’s Taste of America. I’m so excited to talk about food again, especially brunch. So, let’s get into some typical American food shall we?!!


FundWell Microfunding & Mentorship Ecosystem

As you know, I went to Saint-Louis for the FundWell Microfunding & Mentorship Ecosystem. In my last post you can read all about the amazing region and island of Saint-Louis. Today, I want to focus more on the FundWell Microfunding & Mentorship Ecosystem. I definitely want to introduce you to all the people behind it. Also, I just want to share more about our week at the amazing University of Gaston Berger. Let’s go!


I went to Saint-Louis, Senegal for the first time!

Pont Faidherbe Sénégal river

In my last post, I was going to Saint-Louis in Senegal and it was actually my FIRST time! Of course, I am excited because I cannot wait to share this beautiful city with you. Like I said, I was there for #FundWellMME2019, a Microfunding project with FundWell and the incubator of the University of Gaston Berger. I will tell you a little more about the project, and a lot more about Saint-Louis! Let’s get into one of Senegal’s most beautiful cities.


Maîtresse d’un homme marié – Review

Maîtresse d'un Homme Marié

In the last review, you could read my take on Ava DuVernay’s masterpiece When They See Us. Today, I want to review something that is totally different: a Senegalese show called Maîtresse d’un homme marié. Translated, it means ‘Mistress of a married man’. The first episode aired late January this year on 2sTV and on the MarodiTV YouTube channel. When I came back from Senegal last year, I wanted to continue improving my Wolof. Therefore, I decided to watch this popular Senegalese show called Pod et Marichou. While I was watching that, I came across a trailer for this new series called Maîtresse d’un Homme Marié. I have been watching it ever since it aired and I definitely want to share some more. Leggo.


Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza: I’m back in Senegal!

Yes, I am back in Senegal and this time I’m staying at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza! Normally when I go to Senegal, I stay with family. This is pretty common and also less complicated at times. This time, however, I was actually invited and it’s more of a business trip than leisure. Either way, I am definitely excited to tell you all about this trip to Senegal with you guys. Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza is where this journey starts. Let’s go!


Review: When They See Us

When They See Us premiered May 31st on Netflix. The series is based on the true story of how five black teenage boys were falsely accused and convicted of rape. When They See Us breaks down the US criminal justice system during the Central Park Five case in four episodes. The series is written, created and directed by no one other than Ava DuVernay. She did an amazing job! Before we get into When They See Us, definitely check out my last review on Beyoncé’s Homecoming. Let’s go! Note: spoilers!