I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

Welcome to another book-review for the Twisted Book Club! You can read the previously discussed book Hold Still by Lisa Regan. This time I will review I Am Watching You written by Teresa Driscoll. In short, I Am Watching You is about a woman on a train that overhears a conversation between two young girls and two ex-cons. She struggles whether or not to contact the girls’ parents, decides against it and moves on. A few days later, one of the girls is missing! Does this make you curious? If so, read on! (more…)

Hold Still by Lisa Regan

hold still

Welcome to another book-review for the Twisted Book Club! Today, I’m talking about Hold Still by Lisa Regan. Last time, I talked about C. J. Cooke’s I Know My Name. My sister recommended me Hold Still. We pretty much exchange recommendations and I love it, because we both love to read and afterwards we can vent about our frustrations to each other. Lol, what is greater than having someone to talk about fictional characters with? The book is about detective Jocelyn Rush, who saves her three-year-old from a carjacking and ends up in the ER. At the ER she discovers a former prostitute, Anita, who is a victim of a brutal assault. Soon, detective Rush finds out that Anita isn’t the first victim… will she be able to solve this? Let’s get into a twisted story, shall we? Note: mentions of sexual assault and rape.


LuLu Home Interior & Café

    A while ago, I shared with you Lyvv Cosmetics’ launch at Lulu Home Interior & Café. Before the launch, I met up with my good friend Audrey and she lunched and we took pictures at Lulu. Lulu Home Interior & Café is quite a unique and contemporary place. If you have done any Google searches on great spots to eat in Dakar, it must have come up. Not only is Lulu known for their food, but also the home interior items that they offer.  Let’s get to this interesting place with cute interior items, shall we?!


I Know My Name by C.J. Cooke

Welcome to another book-review for the Twisted Book Club! You can read the previously discussed book Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. This time I will review I Know My Name written by C. J. Cooke. I got this book at the hotel in The Gambia. I had my friend read it first and she finished it before I went back to Senegal, so I brought it. Meaning that I’ve had this book for almost a year now. I’ve finally found the time and space to read it. The story is about this woman who wakes up stranded on an island, but doesn’t know who she is. Let’s get into a twisty, but great story, shall we?

Fastfood at Miam’s

Last time, I took you out lunching at Resaurant Le Ngor. Today, however, we are eating FASTFOOD again! Haha, this time we will be eating at Miam’s Restaurant located at Liberté II. This is the first time I went eating at Miam’s. I went here with Youma to get some dinner. We were actually roaming around in her neighborhood when we spotted the restaurant. We decided to take a look and eventually ended up eating some fastfood there. Let’s get into Miam’s! (more…)

Review: Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever AfterToday, I am reviewing the long awaited Nappily Ever After. As you know, I have been watching quite some movies on Netflix lately. Last time, I reviewed Dangal, an Indian movie about two girls realizing their fathers dream. Very touching. Nappily Ever After, however, is a whole different story. First of all, it is based on a novel by Trisha R. Thomas. Nappily Ever After is about a woman trying to find herself while redefinig what beauty is. In short: a black woman whose hair has always looked flawless, is shaving it all off. Of course, all the naturals wanted to know how this would end, so did I. Let’s get into Nappily Ever After!


Lyvv launch at Lulu Home Interior & Café

As you know, I am a Brand Ambassador for Lyvv cosmetics. Last week, Victorine Sarr from Lyvv asked me if I was interested in taking pictures and producing an IGTV video for the Lyvv launch at Lulu Home Interior & Café in Dakar. The Lyvv launch was last Saturday, and it was amazing! I was really in my element and was able to take so many pictures of truly beautiful ladies! Not only that, but I was also able to exchange with some fellow bloggers and Youtubers! Let’s get into this cool launch at Lulu.