Lunch at Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried ChickenLast time, I took you out lunching at Pergola, today however, we are eating FASTFOOD! We will be eating at Southern Fried Chicken in Ouakam. This is my first time visiting SFC here in Dakar. I have seen the spot while roaming around Sandaga etc., but I have never actually been there. Until today! I am too excited to share this with you. Let’s just get into our lunch shall we?!


Getting a Relaxer

getting a relaxer - MamaIn this post, we will talk about relaxing hair and getting a getting a relaxer - sigarelaxer. I wanted to show you how to relax hair. Now, wait a minute.. I am not going to show you how I relax my hair or how I relax someone else’s hair. Because first of all, I am natural and I like having tightly-coiled hair :). Secondly, I have no desire to relax someone’s hair for the sake of a blog post. However, my cousin wanted to get a relaxer, and asked me join her. Of course, I was down. I have seen my cousins getting a relaxer many times before, and I enjoy watching the process.


Fancy wedding at Alkimia, Dakar

fancy wedding cake - march 2018Today, I want to share another wedding with you. This time it is a fancy Senegalese wedding with a touch of Benin. This is the fourth wedding or so I attended! Last weekend, when Youma and I came back from the Superwomen Leadership Conference, her parents asked us to attend a wedding at restaurant Alkimia. So, like the good girls we are, we changed and prepared for the wedding reception. Let’s get into this fancy wedding, shall we? (more…)

Superwomen Leadership Conference 2018 by JEADER

Last weekend, I went to the Superwomen Leadership Conference 2018 organized by JEADER, which stands for Jeunes Entrepreneurs Africains + Leader. The Conference was at Novotel next to Ibis in downtown Dakar. It was my first time attending an event that focused on (super)women in Senegal. In addition, I heard that certain superwomen from Wakanda would be present. Which meant that I definitely wanted to attend. Obviously, it is pretty inspiring to attend an event for women. I have been to many events in my life, but they always give me a new source of energy. Some would claim it could be motivation, but I’d rather call it Vibranium mixed with #BlackGirlMagic. Read further if you want me to transmit some of the Vibranium and #BlackGirlMagic!  (more…)

High Tea at Aroma Coffee & Cake Dakar for Women’s Day


International Women's Day at the office - March 8 2018Last Thursday it was March 8th: International Women’s Day. The day begun with us all getting roses from the head of the department. We all got roses. : we all got roses! Which was sweet of him. The whole day was about celebrating women which was really cool. The head of the department invited us to Aroma Coffee & Cake at the end of the day. We had a high tea there and that’s where I’m inviting you to. Keep on reading if you want to get a glimpse of our high tea 🙂



Eating at All Fashion in Dakar

 I have decided to add a new segment to my blog: #Food! Like many others, I love food. Here in Senegal, I go out to lunch almost every day with my colleagues. Which is great, we eat, drink, laugh and have good conversations. Therefore, I have decided that I want to share food-related experiences with you :). Even back in NL, I normally cook a lot. Other than that, I can watch Tasty videos all day long.

Today, we are eating at All Fashion in Dakar. The 12th of February was my birthday, and my colleagues and I decided to go out to eat at All Fashion at Almadies. This is the second time we’ve been eating at All Fashion. Even though the restaurant is literally next to our office, we barely eat there. However, today, I’ll bring you to lunch with me. Let’s just get to lunch!


Senegal: 37CINQ Cinema

37cinq Last month, I went to see Black Panther in the 37cinq cinema here in Dakar. It is my first time visiting a cinema while in Senegal. Well, I went to the cinema in Magic Land in 2015, however that was just a visit and not to watch a movie.  Anyway, I did not expect to have been able to see Black Panther here in Senegal that soon. Therefore, I was beyond excited that there is not one cinema, but there are TWO! Let’s get into 37cinq!