Review: The Rachel Divide

the rachel divideAs you may know, Netflix recently published a documentary about Rachel Dolezal called the Rachel Divide. At first, I thought “Why does she needs attention??!”. Then, I checked out the trailer and I thought it was interesting. Of course, I ended up watching the documentary that same day. Today, I will share with you my personal view of this documentary. Also, I will tell you all the bullshit that came out of Rachel’s mouth that made me frown instantly.  Let’s get into this Rachel Divide, shall we?! (more…)

Why you should do an internship abroad

In my last post, I talked about why you should study abroad and shared my own experiences. Since I did my internship in Senegal right after my exchange period, I thought it would be a great moment to talk about my internship as well. I consider doing my internship in Senegal also one of the best things I have done. In this post, I want to list all the benefits of doing an internship or working in another country. Let’s get into working abroad! (more…)

Why you should study abroad

study abroad - Berlin, Germany 2015About three years ago, I was in Berlin, Germany to study abroad. Looking back, it seems like a really long time ago. It kind of is. Reflecting back, I have to say that studying abroad is one of the best things I have done during my studies. In this post, I want to list all the benefits of studying (a semester) abroad. Also, I will share with you my personal experiences! I am doing this because I never really took the opportunity to share this experience. Let’s get into why you should study abroad! (more…)

2017: Recap

Today, is the last day of the year and in this post, I want to share my 2017 recap and tie this to my “2017: New Year’s ‘Resolutions’post. You could say that I did some pretty cool things in 2017. I can only hope to continue to do amazing things and gain great experiences! Like I said at the beginning of the year, I do not really do the whole new year, new me thing. There were just a few things that I wanted to do more, and if you want to know what: keep reading!


2017: New Year’s Resolutions

January | 2017Today, is the first day of the year and in this post, I want to share my “2017: New Year’s Resolutions” with all of you. I hope everyone has been able to enjoy Christmas and the holidays in general with family and loved-ones. These things are not real resolutions, however, these are the things I want to work on this year. Please stay tuned, because I have some super exciting news!!


Twisted Quotes x Daniell Koepke


In this post, I want to introduce a new segment: Twisted Quotes. No, this is not about crazy or weird quotes. Just IMG_0937quotes that I want to share with all of you guys. I always send quotes that I come across on social media and mostly on Tumblr to my friends and they mostly like it. With certain friends, I can talk about quotes and their deeper meaning. One could say that in some way, quotes are really my thing. Therefore, I want to share quotes on the regular with you guys :). I will also try to find interesting pictures that I made myself to match the quote.

This first quote, is you are enough by Daniell Koepke and is called. I came across this piece on Tumblr and I really love it :). You can read it below!


What has Senegalese Twisted been up to the past year?

Hi guys!

Thesis Defense - November 3rd 2016
Before defending my thesis

Good question! What has Senegalese Twisted (me) been up to for the past year? Well, I have been doing a lot of things! I am almost graduated, I went to Senegal twice, I have been on set for a few movies and shows and two of the productions were AMERICAN productions, in between everything I went to classes and trips and what not. In this post, I will tell you all about the things I have been doing and some things, I will elaborate on in future blog posts.