4. Lekk ak naan – Food & drinks: How To Ask For Food in Wolof

Welcome to the fourth Wolof Class: Lekk ak naan – Food & drinks. Yesterday, I taught you how to talk about your body in Wolof. Today, we’ll continue and talk about our favorite thing in the world: FOOD AND DRINKS. Or better yet, Lekk ak naan. Celebrating independence day is not over, since we haven’t talked about food yet! As you know, I have eaten a lot in Senegal. Before we get into the subject: don’t forget to join the SeneGambia Vibes Club on ClubHouse where we do a Wolof class each Saturday! Until Saturday, I will be posting a Wolof class on YouTube. The video will contain a dialogue about the subject of that class and then we will dissect it. I will also share additional information on my Instagram and a downloadable syllabus in each blog for the class! – Let’s get into the fourth class: Lekk ak naan – Food & drinks.