Maîtresse d’un Homme Marié – Why we deserved better

I know I have already written about Maîtresse d’un Homme Marié, but I think I need to write about it one last time. Also, in case you missed it: I previously reviewed Dhalinyaro, a beautiful movie that showcased Djibouti. Back to a Mistress of a married man! Monday night, the last episode of the third season came out and of course I watched it. I watched it because of the reviews I do and I wanted to know how the the show would end. Honestly, season 3 was very messy from the get go and actually only got messier! Let me tell you all about it and why I think we deserved (much) better!


Dhalinyaro (youth, jeunesse) – review

Dhalinyaro - Youth, jeunesse

For the first post of 2021, I recently watched Dhalinyaro a Djiboutan movie about friendship between three girls. In my last review, you can read all about Maîtresse d’un homme marié, which started its second season already! Due to being stuck in quarantine, I have a lot more time to watch movies, read books and write blogposts! Therefore, I want to talk about the movie Dhalinyaro. The movie is about three girlfriends: Deka, Asma and Hibo, who have their own struggles. Let’s get into this movie.


Maîtresse d’un homme marié – Review

Maîtresse d'un Homme Marié

In the last review, you could read my take on Ava DuVernay’s masterpiece When They See Us. Today, I want to review something that is totally different: a Senegalese show called Maîtresse d’un homme marié. Translated, it means ‘Mistress of a married man’. The first episode aired late January this year on 2sTV and on the MarodiTV YouTube channel. When I came back from Senegal last year, I wanted to continue improving my Wolof. Therefore, I decided to watch this popular Senegalese show called Pod et Marichou. While I was watching that, I came across a trailer for this new series called Maîtresse d’un Homme Marié. I have been watching it ever since it aired and I definitely want to share some more. Leggo.


Review: When They See Us

When They See Us premiered May 31st on Netflix. The series is based on the true story of how five black teenage boys were falsely accused and convicted of rape. When They See Us breaks down the US criminal justice system during the Central Park Five case in four episodes. The series is written, created and directed by no one other than Ava DuVernay. She did an amazing job! Before we get into When They See Us, definitely check out my last review on Beyoncé’s Homecoming. Let’s go! Note: spoilers!


Review: Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever AfterToday, I am reviewing the long awaited Nappily Ever After. As you know, I have been watching quite some movies on Netflix lately. Last time, I reviewed Dangal, an Indian movie about two girls realizing their fathers dream. Very touching. Nappily Ever After, however, is a whole different story. First of all, it is based on a novel by Trisha R. Thomas. Nappily Ever After is about a woman trying to find herself while redefinig what beauty is. In short: a black woman whose hair has always looked flawless, is shaving it all off. Of course, all the naturals wanted to know how this would end, so did I. Let’s get into Nappily Ever After!


13 Reasons Why

Last year, the first season of 13 Reasons Why came on Netflix. The show on Netflix became a controversial topic, yet, it was very popular worldwide. A while ago, Netflix started streaming the second season of 13 Reasons Why. Of course, I watched that too and I had to get my thoughts together about this show. Mostly, because when season 1 came out last year, there were tons of memes and articles about the show. Some would argue that the show would increase suicides etc. while others would argue that it is a great way to start various conversations about controversial and multifaceted topics. I wanted to take my time and chip into this conversation. So, let’s get into the 13 Reasons Why topic. Trigger warning: mentions of rape, suicide and selfharm.


Review: The Rachel Divide

the rachel divideAs you may know, Netflix recently published a documentary about Rachel Dolezal called the Rachel Divide. At first, I thought “Why does she needs attention??!”. Then, I checked out the trailer and I thought it was interesting. Of course, I ended up watching the documentary that same day. Today, I will share with you my personal view of this documentary. Also, I will tell you all the bullshit that came out of Rachel’s mouth that made me frown instantly.  Let’s get into this Rachel Divide, shall we?! (more…)