Pizza at Pizza Time in Dakar

Pizza Time in Dakar

Today, I am bringing you with me while I visit Pizza Time! Last time, I took you with me to brunch at Melo in Dakar. So, today we are EATING PIZZA! I am so happy to finally share some decent (in my opinion) pizza with you. So, I went here for dinner in Dakar. I have to say that my last trip to Senegal was full of firsts. Therefore, I am also adding this first trip to Pizza Time to the list. I actually gave up on eating pizza in Dakar, due to the different cheese they use for their pizza’s and I’m not used to that. So, let’s talk traditional pizza from Pizza Time!

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Melo in Dakar: brunch!

Melo Dakar

I went to brunch (again), and this time I went to Melo a popular spot in Dakar! In my previous review, I told you all about my delicious dinner at Bazoff. Today, however, I’m sharing my brunch at this supercool spot. This is actually my first time visiting since they moved! Just look at this cool sign they have, it is so inviting! Voulez-vous manger avec moi? Venez!


Bazoff in Dakar: delicous dinner!


I went to dinner at Bazoff with Youma, and when I did, I knew it was time for another foodblog! It has been such a while since I wrote one. Also, since I’m back in Senegal, I just knew it was about time. In my last review, you can read all about Mawa’s Taste of America. Today, I’m taking you with me to Bazoff in Dakar. This is the first time I went to Bazoff and it was amazing. Let’s get into some great, delicious food!


Fastfood at Miam’s

Last time, I took you out lunching at Resaurant Le Ngor. Today, however, we are eating FASTFOOD again! Haha, this time we will be eating at Miam’s Restaurant located at Liberté II. This is the first time I went eating at Miam’s. I went here with Youma to get some dinner. We were actually roaming around in her neighborhood when we spotted the restaurant. We decided to take a look and eventually ended up eating some fastfood there. Let’s get into Miam’s! (more…)

Lunch at Restaurant Le N’gor

Last time, I took you out lunching at Southern Fried Chicken, today however, we are eating local food by the sea at Le N’gor. How wonderful right?! Eating food and having an amazing view :). This is my first time eating at Le N’gor. I have never heard of the restaurant, but it is wonderful! I was meeting some new friends and it was a great spot to have lunch. Of course, I will share it with my favorite friends. Let’s get to our lunch with an amazing view shall we?!


Lunch at Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried ChickenLast time, I took you out lunching at Pergola, today however, we are eating FASTFOOD! We will be eating at Southern Fried Chicken in Ouakam. This is my first time visiting SFC here in Dakar. I have seen the spot while roaming around Sandaga etc., but I have never actually been there. Until today! I am too excited to share this with you. Let’s just get into our lunch shall we?!


Eating at Pergola in Dakar

Pergola - February 2018First of all, HAPPY EASTER! Last time, I took you with me to the diverse Kabylie. Today, we are eating at Pergola in Dakar. The first time I went to Pergola was during my internship in 2015. Another intern at the time invited me to eat at Pergola, because her aunt and uncle run the place. From then on, we went more regularly. On Wednesdays, the restaurant offers the dish Méchoui. Since I’m back at Tigo, we usually go on Wednesday’s. Therefore, I really want to share with you our lunch at Pergola. Let’s get into the food!