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Hi and welcome to Senegalese Twisted!

I’m Khady and I am a 30 year-old multilingual creative that lives in the Netherlands but is (obviously) originally from Senegal, West Africa. I speak Dutch, English, French and Wolof and even do interpreting for Wolof and Dutch or English too.

I aspire to inspire others by sharing my experiences

Sharing experiences such as traveling throughout Senegal, learning Wolof, how I take care of my natural hair and more is what I’m all about. I truly believe that we can learn so much from our own experiences, but that there are second-hand lessons in other people’s experiences too. Therefore, why not also learn from other people’s experiences? That’s why I encourage everyone to ask any questions they may have on anything I share.

Senegalese Twisted was created in a period where I was very actively blogging and reposting on my Tumblr blog. At first, this space was just reserved for my photography, but it became a digital space for self-expression and a place to bring my content together. From sharing world wide travel adventures, Wolof classes, or just sharing thoughts on different topics, you can find it all. Most of my articles make use of photography, linked Youtube video’s, voiceover and writing. In addition, you can follow my adventures more closely on Instagram and I also started sharing videos on TikTok.

Your travel consultant for Senegal

Since 2010, I have been to Senegal more than many times. Dakar has been the place I did my internship, did research for my Bachelor Thesis and the place you can find me almost every summer. Over the years, I have also been able to go to Senegal for longer periods of time to work on creating unique content and collaborating with local businesses. During my latest trip (June-Dec 2022), I was able to work with House of Notoire and co-hosted my first retreat in Senegal. In addition, I have worked on a podcast series that highlights touristic activities in Dakar.

Co-hosting the retreat to Senegal made me realize that I’m the perfect bridge that connects travelers to amazing experiences in Senegal. Especially, as a self-proclaimed Senegal-expert and unofficial official Senegal ambassador I am sure everyone else will agree. Therefore, I’ll start offering consultancy for Senegal as a travel destination! If you are interested in hiring me as a travel consultant, send me an email at and include some more details about your trip. I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Let’s work together!

Other than being a Travel Consultant and interpreting in Wolof, I also work as a freelance photographer, content creator and sometimes I consult other creatives on how to move forward creatively, by sharing ideas and brainstorming. All of which you can contact me about if you are interested in working with me and definitely check out my portfolio at the end of this page! Currently, I am back in the Netherlands, but I am always open for opportunities that allow me to travel or to work from the Netherlands.

In the meantime, I invite you to explore my travel adventures or take a look at my Wolof class. Under the tab “Twisted Talk”, you can find a wide range of opinion pieces such as book or tv & movie reviews, but also articles on why choosing yourself is so important. Whatever you do, enjoy!

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