Hi, I’m Khady and I am 20 something-years old. I am a multilingual Senegalese twisted girl that lives in the Netherlands but is (obviously) originally from Senegal, West Africa. For the ones wondering; I speak Nederlands, English, Français, un poco Español ak touti Wolof. Furthermore, I love traveling, languages, photography and people among other things. I aspire to inspire others by sharing my personal views and experiences. Mostly, because we are all going through something and while learning from our own experiences, why not also learn from the experiences and mistakes of others? Other than that I would love to become an actress but for now I am working on myself, the blog, and gaining more life experiences.

Senegalese Twisted was born after having been highly active on my African-ish Fashion blog on Tumblr for a while. Not only that, I have shared some videos about Senegal on my youtube channel. So, I thought, why not start my own blog? And so I did. I will share my journey with those of you that are interested.

Dakar, Senegal


Currently, I am expanding my comfortzone in Dakar, Senegal, which I find very exciting! I have found that being in Senegal gives me the freedom to express myself and create unique content for my website. You can read all about my traveling adventures on Senegalese Twisted Travel or you can check the Photo Gallery.

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Thank you for reading this.