IDFA 2021 x Munganyende: Breakfast in Kisumu at OSCAM

In my last blog of 2021, I want to talk about IDFA 2021! Previously, I shared all about Rome and Venice and it was amazing to travel again! As some of you may know, I moderated for the first time this past October. If you would have told me that I would one day moderate an event in the Netherlands, I would have never believed you! Especially the program we did for IDFA with the screening of Breakfast in Kisumu at OSCAM. For real, even thinking back, it was just all surreal. All my friends were there to support me, it went very well and it gave me a whole different type of confidence I didn’t know I needed. Let’s talk all about IDFA 2021, Breakfast in Kisumu and much more!


Senegalese baptism

Senegalese baptism - nguenté

After sharing my experience at Senegalese weddings, I think it’s finally time for a traditional Senegalese baptism, or as we say in wolof nguenté! I have actually attended quite a few baptisms, however, this one is from my cousin Awa’s second-born. Just like Senegalese weddings, Senegalese baptisms actually have different parts, but can be very different. Let’s just get into the ceremony that (usually) comes after weddings!


Fempreneur in the city

One of the first things I did when I came back to the Netherlands, was attend Fempreneur in the city. Fempreneur in the city is an event organized by (business) women, for business women. A few posts ago, I shared with you my journey on how I came to write about House of Notoire. I found out that Cynthia was participating in Fempreneur in the city while I was still in Senegal. Of course, it was a great way to finally meet her, so I went to the event. Below, I will share a lot more about the event and the speakers.


Youssou N’dour at King Fahd Palace

A long while back, I went to Youssou N’dour at King Fahd Palace, here in Dakar. Since Tigo had some tickets left, we got the opportunity to go! It was amazing! Just like the White Party, it was a dinnerparty with live performances of Youssou N’dour and various Senegalese artists and comedians. We were invited, and of course: WE WENT! It is my first time going to Youssou N’dour. In this post, I will take you with me on this amazing night. Let’s get into the party!


Black n’Curly: Natural Hair event in Dakar

For the first time, I went to a natural hair event orgainized by Black n’Curly in Senegal! How exciting?! As many of you know, I am natural. Also, I find it important that black women get more educated about their hair. Furthermore, naturals should also contribute to the representation of black women and girls. Also, children should not suffer due to ignorance, in terms of perms, no edges and forever having a tiny ponytail lol. All in all, I definitely wanted to see how many naturals would come, and exchange with them. Just to let them know that I’m here too! Let’s get into this Black n’Curly hair event! (more…)

Expo: T’étais habillée comment?

Earlier, I went to see T’étais habillée comment hosted by the Henriette Bathily women’s museum at Place de Souvenir in Dakar. It literally means “what were you wearing“. This pertains to the all-familiar question that people that deal with sexual assault get asked. As if the lack of clothing decides on whether or not you deserved to be assaulted or raped. T’étais habillée comment is one you have to walk through yourself and let me tell you, it is a tough one. All in all, was very confrontational and probably full of triggers depending on your experience. Let’s go through some of the victims outfits. TW: this post contains mentions of sexual assault and rape.


Lyvv launch at Lulu Home Interior & Café

As you know, I am a Brand Ambassador for Lyvv cosmetics. Last week, Victorine Sarr from Lyvv asked me if I was interested in taking pictures and producing an IGTV video for the Lyvv launch at Lulu Home Interior & Café in Dakar. The Lyvv launch was last Saturday, and it was amazing! I was really in my element and was able to take so many pictures of truly beautiful ladies! Not only that, but I was also able to exchange with some fellow bloggers and Youtubers! Let’s get into this cool launch at Lulu.


Expo: Icônes by Vincent Bloch

Today, I want to share with you something really cool I did! I went to see Icônes by Vincent Bloch. He had his expo at Goethe Institut here in Dakar, and asked me to come. Of course, I was excited to go and wanted to bring you along. Icônes is all about futuristic female African icones. He looks at the women of tomorrow whom he has redrawn by using edited digital images. I definitely loved seeing it, and use Vincent’s creations to make something of my own.  Let’s go through Icônes by Vincent Bloch!