Braid-out and Twist-out: a comparison

Today, I’m excited to share with you a side by side of a braid-out and a twist-out. Yes, it has been a while since I shared a hairblog. I believe the last one was when I wore my bantu knots in Dakar about a year ago. That aside, with quarantine I decided to keep myself busy and try something new! For reference, in a previous video, I showed you how I make my own aloe vera juice/gel. After this video, I definitely wanted to test the aloe vera and try out a braid-out AND a twist-out. Honestly, I actually love BOTH! Also, it has been a while since I updated you on my hair. Let’s get into comparing two of the most popular natural hairstyles, shall we?!


Bantu knots in Dakar

Bantu knots

Hi guys, I am back in Dakar and I tried something new: Bantu knots! As you could see from my previous videos and pictures, I initially wore a wig to Senegal. This was mostly because I knew I’d be very busy during the FundWell program to do my hair on a daily basis. However, I’m back in Dakar and I am wearing bantu knots! Honestly, I actually LOVE it! Also, it has been a while since I updated you on my hair. In my last hair related article, I told you all about braiding myself. Let’s get into these perfectly crafted knots, shall we?!

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Twisted Talk: braiding myself

It has been a while since I updated you on my hair. The last time, I shared with you about my hair journey after the double side-cut. Today, I want to talk about braiding myself. YES! I braid myself. When I say I can braid my own hair, people always react shocked. As if they cannot believe that I can reach all the way to the back of my head. Let me tell you what people, I can actually reach all the sides of my head and put braids to it. Something else I can do: braid other peoples hair! Let me talk you through it.


Black n’Curly: Natural Hair event in Dakar

For the first time, I went to a natural hair event orgainized by Black n’Curly in Senegal! How exciting?! As many of you know, I am natural. Also, I find it important that black women get more educated about their hair. Furthermore, naturals should also contribute to the representation of black women and girls. Also, children should not suffer due to ignorance, in terms of perms, no edges and forever having a tiny ponytail lol. All in all, I definitely wanted to see how many naturals would come, and exchange with them. Just to let them know that I’m here too! Let’s get into this Black n’Curly hair event! (more…)

Review: Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever AfterToday, I am reviewing the long awaited Nappily Ever After. As you know, I have been watching quite some movies on Netflix lately. Last time, I reviewed Dangal, an Indian movie about two girls realizing their fathers dream. Very touching. Nappily Ever After, however, is a whole different story. First of all, it is based on a novel by Trisha R. Thomas. Nappily Ever After is about a woman trying to find herself while redefinig what beauty is. In short: a black woman whose hair has always looked flawless, is shaving it all off. Of course, all the naturals wanted to know how this would end, so did I. Let’s get into Nappily Ever After!


Getting a Relaxer

getting a relaxer - MamaIn this post, we will talk about relaxing hair and getting a getting a relaxer - sigarelaxer. I wanted to show you how to relax hair. Now, wait a minute.. I am not going to show you how I relax my hair or how I relax someone else’s hair. Because first of all, I am natural and I like having tightly-coiled hair :). Secondly, I have no desire to relax someone’s hair for the sake of a blog post. However, my cousin wanted to get a relaxer, and asked me join her. Of course, I was down. I have seen my cousins getting a relaxer many times before, and I enjoy watching the process.


Hair Journey since double side cut 2015

double side cutIt has been a while since I talked about my hair! As some of you know, I had a double side cut in January of 2015. Which is almost 3 years ago!! I actually loved wearing my hair in a double side cut. It is just such a waste I never talked about it. That is why I’d like to share with you the different styles I have worn when I had my double side cut. Also I want to share how I’ve dealt with growing out just one side, and eventually growing out the other side too. It is now almost three years later, and my hair is basically fully recovered.


Natural Hair Routine

Hi Beauties!


A while back (October 2014) I made some pics to show you guys my Natural hair wash routine. However, my laptop crashed, and I thought I lost the pics, but I FOUND THEM! Thankfully. So, I will still share my routine with you guys, just take notice that these pics were made in the beginning of November. I got boxbraids at the end of August, right  before I left Senegal this summer. One of my cousins, Awa, did them for me and they were pretty small, which is why they lasted so long ;). So anyways, this is a picture of me with my fresh box braids. I took the braids out after rocking them for a solid two months and decided to take pics in between :). (more…)