Birthday trip to Fuerteventura, Spain

Welcome to a long-awaited blog about my birthday trip to Fuerteventura, Spain. My previous blog was all about Daffie Be Proud products and I showed you my wash day. In this blog I want to share some more about my trip to the beautiful Fuerteventura. Although I have been to Spain many times to catch my second flight to Senegal, this was my first time actually enjoying the country. I really enjoyed my first trip to Spain and it was very refreshing to visit my cousin and her family. Let’s get into my birthday trip to Fuerteventura!


Rome highlights: things you should absolutely see

In this blog I want to share some ROME HIGHLIGHTS! I previously shared my first impressions of Rome. Now I will share EVERYTHING Bou and I went to see while in the beautiful city of Rome. Since we spent over a week in Rome, grab drinks and food, because this is going to be a very long post! Sit back and relax while I take you to the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain and Trastevere. But also to the beautiful orange tree garden, the Botanical garden and their butterfly sanctuary and so much more! Parliamo di tutte le attività che abbiamo fatto a Roma! – Let’s talk all about the activities we’ve done in Rome!


Rome, Italy: the magic of revisiting my childhood home

In my last blog, I shared all about Venice and now I want to talk to you about Rome! Yes, after a couple of days in Venice, we finally went to the capital of Italy. I told you all about growing up in Italy as a child already, but I was so excited for Rome! It is crazy to think that now, 20-something years later, I find my way back in Italy and I finally get to go and see the city I grew up in! All I can say now is that the city is amazing! I remember seeing it for the first time from the tram and I was speechless! Other than that, there is so much to do here! Let me not digress, parliamo tutti di Roma – Let’s talk all about Rome!


Venice, Italy: Visiting for the first time

In my last blog, I shared my adventures in Austria and today I will talk about traveling to Venice! Additionally, 5 Things You Need To Consider When Traveling During A Pandemic is still relevant. So, I went to Venice and I had such a beautiful time which I want to share. As some may know, I actually lived in Italy when I was a child. I used to live in Rome with my parents and my little sister was born there. While living in Rome, I went to a French-Italian school. I even used to speak Italian, but unfortunately, I traded that in for Dutch. Now 20-something years later, I find my way back in Italy and I visit Venice! Parliamo di Venezia! – Let’s talk about Venice!


Netherlands to Austria: How to survive a road trip

Yes, I am finally going to talk about my roadtrip from the Netherlands to Austria! In my last blog, I shared everything about Rennes, France and if you are traveling soon, check out 5 Things You Need To Consider When Traveling During A Pandemic. So, me and two friends decided to drive all the way to Austria for a weekend getaway. It was our first time visiting Austria, so we were all excited and believe me when I say we were not disappointed. Let’s get into this roadtrip to Austria!


Rennes, France: Visiting for the first time

In my last blog, I shared 5 Things You Need To Consider When Traveling During A Pandemic. Today, I want to actually talk about my time in Rennes. Even though I have been to France many (many) times in my life, this was my first time in Rennes. I stayed for a week, and it was so much fun. I did and saw a lot of things, although a week may not seem long enough to explore a city. Allow me to take you through Rennes with me! Don’t forget to watch my Rennes vlogs on YouTube for visuals that go with this blog. Allons-y on va découvrir Rennes! – Let’s go discover Rennes!


#BlackLivesMatter, why is it so important and powerful?

December 5th, we celebrate Sinterklaas and you can still read Why Black Pete is Racist. To celebrate, I want to talk about why #BlackLivesMatter is important. On May 25th earlier this year, George Floyd died at the hands of police in Minneapolis. He allegedly past a counterfit 20$ bill which resulted in him being arrested. However, the police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes and during the last 3 minutes, George’s body didn’t move and he had no pulse. The brave 17-year old Darnella Frazier filmed this whole ordeal and made sure the rest of the world saw it too. The death of George Floyd sparked a world wide movement against racism and police brutality. However, why is this so significant?, we have a lot to unpack here, so let’s get uncomfortable.


Why black pete is racist

Today, I want to talk about racism in the Netherlands. More specifically: why black pete is racist. I will address a discussion that has been going on for ages in the Netherlands. I have voiced my opinion before, but only on Facebook about this matter, but never really on my blog. Today, however, I want to take my time and dive into this issue. The topic is way more complex and yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, there is a distinction between being blatantly racist, ignorant and voicing a well-thought opinion. Anyway, let’s get into a healthy discussion!

Note: this article may attack your white privilege and this may automatically produce white tears. (more…)