2. Mbokk yi – Family: How To Easily Talk About Family in Wolof

Welcome to the second Wolof Class: Mbokk yi – Family. Yesterday, I taught you how to survive your first conversation in Wolof. Today, we are going to continue and talk about the people we most care about: suñu mbokk yi (our family members). Yesterday we celebrated the independence of Senegal, but today we continue the Wolof class. Since I have been traveling to Senegal, I have learned a lot about family. Mostly, what it means in Senegal, culturally. Before we get into the subject: don’t forget to join the SeneGambia Vibes Club on ClubHouse where we do a Wolof class each Saturday! Until Saturday, I will be posting a Wolof class on YouTube. The video will contain a dialogue about the subject of that class and then we will dissect it. I will also share additional information on my Instagram and a downloadable syllabus in each blog for the class! – Let’s get into the second class: Mbokk yi – Family.