Senegal: What you should absolutely know about my latest trip!

It has been a long while since I wrote a blog, but I am back and I am currently in Senegal! Earlier this year, I talked about the trip I took to Fuerteventura and shortly after, I actually visited Madeira too. In this blog I want to share a whole lot about my latest trip to Senegal, but mostly: what I have done so far. The last time I went to Senegal was in 2019, so it was about time I come back. Not only to see family and (new) friends, but also for my creative spirit. During the pandemic, I have been a lot more creative and been inspired by so many creatives in the Netherlands. Therefore, this trip to Senegal is supposed to be a source of inspiration, connection and some sort of homecoming. Before we get into what I have done so far, I created this mini-travel guide! There are many more pictures of what I have done so far here in Dakar. You can also download the mini-travel guide at the end of this blog. Let’s go!