3. Yaram gi – The body: How to talk in Wolof about your health

Welcome to the third Wolof Class: Yaram gi – The body. Yesterday, I taught you how to easily talk about family in Wolof. Today, we are going to continue the Wolof class and talk about our body or suñu yaram gi. Sunday April 4th, we celebrated the independence of Senegal, but the celebrations are NOT over (yet). While living in Senegal I went to the pharmacy or doctor a couple of times for my foot or tank. Not only that, but people always ask you about your health actually. Before we get into the subject: don’t forget to join the SeneGambia Vibes Club on ClubHouse where we do a Wolof class each Saturday! Until Saturday, I will be posting a Wolof class on YouTube. The video will contain a dialogue about the subject of that class and then we will dissect it. I will also share additional information on my Instagram and a downloadable syllabus in each blog for the class! – Let’s get into the second class: Yaram gi – The body.