7. How To Easily Converse in Wolof: Waxtaan – Conversations

Welcome to the LAST Wolof Class: Waxtaan – Conversation! Yesterday, I taught you how to count in Wolof. Today, we are going to continue and finish by talking about Waxtaan. Which means to discuss or to conversate. Today, I want to focus on a couple of expressions and the way we talk in Wolof. It has officially been a week since I started Kaay ñu jang Wolof! Before we get into the subject: don’t forget to join the SeneGambia Vibes Club on ClubHouse where we do a Wolof class each Saturday (TODAY)! Until today, I posted a Wolof class on YouTube, a blogpost with a download to the syllabus and some stories and posts on my Instagram. I have to say that I am SO proud of myself! Especially since I decided to do this at the last moment. Such a procrastinator. – Let’s get into the last class: Waxtaan – Conversation.


1. Nuyoo – Greetings: How To Survive Your First Wolof Conversation

Nuyoo - Greetings

Welcome to the first Wolof Class: Nuyoo – Greetings! For this years celebration of Senegal’s independence, I wanted to do a Wolof class. Since 2010, I have been learning Wolof bit by bit by going to Senegal almost each year. Not only that, but I consciously decided that I wanted to experience living there. Eventually I did my internship and research for my thesis in Dakar too. After graduation, I decided to buy a one-way ticket and ended up living in Senegal for over a year. When I came back, I finally gave into watching Senegalese shows such as Maîtresse d’un homme marié. Today, I work as an interpretor and use the Wolof language here in the Netherlands. Also, I recently joined the SeneGambia Vibes Club on ClubHouse where we do a Wolof class each Saturday! For a week, I will be posting a Wolof class on YouTube. The video will contain a dialogue about the subject of that class and then we will dissect it. I will also share additional information on my Instagram and a downloadable syllabus in each blog for the class! – Let’s get into the first class: Nuyoo – Greetings.