SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano

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SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano (lipgloss pencil 11)

I am back with another post and this post we all about: Kiko Milano. I really love Kiko and the first time I went to Kiko was in 2014 in Paris, which I wrote in my Paris 2014 haul. Then, when I lived in Berlin, I went to Kiko a lot, due to the fact that there were so many in Berlin. Most larger malls had at least two stores, that is why I got this severe Kiko addiction lol. Anyways, in this post, I want to share with you my latest purchases from Kiko. In Holland, we have two Kiko stores in Amsterdam. One at Amsterdam Centraal and one in the Kalverstraat. I, however, live in Almere and we have a Kiko too! That is how my addiction to Kiko will continue :).


Kiko Milano

Most people that know me, know that I do not wear a lot of make-up. I sometimes experiment with what I have and try to follow tutorials just for fun, but most people know I never wear make-up. However, I have to say that make-up interests me and I like owning make-up and experimenting with it. I love bold lipstick colors on other women and girls and I adore people that always wear make up.

provocative burgundy

SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano (provocative burgundy lipkit 4)

SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano (provocative burgundy lipkit 4)

In this post, I would like to share some lip-colors with you. The first lip-color I tried on was one of Kiko’s new products, their Intense Colour lip kit!  There are two kinds of lip kits, one is matte and the other one is not. I chose a matte lip kit in number 4 called Provocative Burgundy. Here is a closer shot. I really like this color on me. I asked one of the employees which one she would advise for my skin-complexion and she recommended me this one.


burgundy lipkit

SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano 914

Next, I had to show off my shiny burgundy color, just so that it could be compared against the matte one. This lipstick really belongs to my OG stack. It is one of the first ones I got from my first time shopping at Kiko. When I saw the Burgundy Lip Kit, I initially wanted a darker one, since I already had this shiny burgundy color, but I am actually glad I got the lip kit. Even though I was initially disappointed about not seeing how matte it actually is, when comparing the pictures, you can definitely see the difference between the two. It also seems like the matte one is a darker burgundy than number 914.


SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano 925

SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano 935

Then I switched from bright to more natural lip colors. These colors are also from Kiko’s regular collection. The next two, are nudes. The first one is a darker nude, number 935 and a lighter nude, number 925. I really love wearing nude colors, they are natural and you can rock them on a daily basis. I bought both of these when I was in Paris this year.

velvet passion

SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano Velvet Passion 310

Next, I wore this matte color I really love. A friend of mine gave me this lipstick and I am so thankful for it :). You know those colors, shades and items that you would not be able to pick out for yourself, but you get from your friends, and you just love it? Well, this is one of those colors. This is a matte color from Kiko’s Velvet Passion line. This is number 310 and it is such a bright color, but it is so lovely.






SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano 912

SNTWSTD x Kiko Milano 904

The next two colors are very similar, however I like them both uniquely. The colors are 912 and 904. If you look closely, number 904 is lighter than number 912. They are basically the same color, however one is lighter than the other. I like them both on me.






nude & black

SNTWSTD x Kiko MilanoThen I have arrived at the last two colors I wanted to share with you. OneSNTWSTD x Kiko Milano black is a lip gloss pencil in number 11, which is also a nude. And the last one is a color that basically matches my soul. And you know, every woman needs a lipstick color that matches her pitch black soul :). Lmao. I used to wear the lip pencil on a daily basis, it was nude, natural and easy to bring with me to school and such. The black one, I have not worn that much as the others.. just because I do not quite feel comfortable yet comfortable wearing the color of my soul on my lips. Outfits that are all black, no problem! But on my lips? Hahaha not yet, I am not yet convinced it suits me. But I am sure it will come :).

Do you guys like to wear lipstick? Bright colors or nah? Matte? Shiny? Please let me know and please share your favorite brands 🙂






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  1. Nice share sis!Love the provocative burgundy and dark nude. I never knew there’s a kiko in Almere.

  2. Creatieve! I liked them all but my preference Will go to number 925 sexy pink Nude:) keep Us posted.

  3. Thank you so much Marie <3. I love that one too!

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