Summer 2020 (cancelled?!): an update

I have not updated my blog in a long time! I apologize for leaving you guys hanging, but I HAD to take a break. However, your favorite Senegalese Twisted girl is BACK! And boy, there has been enough going on in the world that we can talk about… I mean, summer 2020 is basically cancelled, because: corona virus? Also, can you relate to the following? Any time I read corona virus, I hear it in Cardi B’s voice.. (corona vyrusss) But, I digress! Let’s get into what has been happening in this Summer 2020 update!

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Corona vyrusss

August is around the corner, but it doesn’t really feel like summer, does it? Even though we did not have a complete lockdown here in the Netherlands, we did and still have some restrictions. For example, we were not allowed to travel in public transport for anything other than the necessary. Also, you could only be with 3 people at a maximum, but you had to keep a 1,5m distance at all times. Also, when the virus broke down at first, people went HAM on toiletpaper and handsanitizer. We were then urged to NOT do this. Schools were closed and people started to work from home. Everyone suddenly became a master of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and we all found out that all those meetings could’ve been emails ALL ALONG!

working & studying from home and more

Due to the virus, I had to stay home from mid-march until about last month. During my time at home I actually made a lot of video’s regarding Maîtresse d’un homme marié, I changed up my hair and dyed it and I worked from home. I also had to finish my module in order to interpret professionally at home instead of at the University. Eventually, we have been really able to flatten the curve and now we have minimal restrictions. Every store has their own policy and some only allow a max. amount of customers. We still need to keep 1,5m distance, however, I feel like people don’t really do this. Especially in public spaces such as the city center, but also sometimes in supermarkets or stores. I mean, it is what it is, but I try to leave the house as little as possible.


One thing that came out of the worldwide pandemic was the #blacklivesmatter movement. After the death of George Floyd on May 25th, a lot of people basically took it to the streets and protested all over the US. This then almost immediately set off a chain reaction throughout the rest of the world. I believe it started in Germany, the UK, New Zealand, Australia a lot of other countries including Amsterdam and the Netherlands. We had about 10 protests throughout the country and I attended my first! The experience was amazing, but I will tell you guys all about it in my next post!

Summer 2020

Between fighting a global pandemic, speaking up against police brutality and dismantling white supremacy globally, I think it is important to actually make time for other things. Tending to your mental health is really important. I was so caught up in the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement, that I put a lot of other things on hold, such as my reviews for Maîtresse and posting on the blog. Also, I made sure that I had people to talk with about everything that has been going on in the world. Last but not least, made time to watch my favorite genre: TRUE CRIME or listen to a certain podcast (CrimeJunkie, I need my fix!).

Monument of African Renaissance. Ouakam, Dakar – February 2018

All in all, I guess we could say that Summer 2020 has kind of been cancelled? I for one am not going to travel this summer. I am just out here trying to work and go with the flow and appreciate that most meetings became emails :). You may have noticed already, but from now on you can LISTEN to me narrating my own blogposts! Cool right?! I cannot wait to expand the Twisted Book Club, because I read a LOT! Definitely let me know what you think of me adding my voice to the blogposts.

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