Hold Still by Lisa Regan

hold still

Welcome to another book-review for the Twisted Book Club! Today, I’m talking about Hold Still by Lisa Regan. Last time, I talked about C. J. Cooke’s I Know My Name. My sister recommended me Hold Still. We pretty much exchange recommendations and I love it, because we both love to read and afterwards we can vent about our frustrations to each other. Lol, what is greater than having someone to talk about fictional characters with? The book is about detective Jocelyn Rush, who saves her three-year-old from a carjacking and ends up in the ER. At the ER she discovers a former prostitute, Anita, who is a victim of a brutal assault. Soon, detective Rush finds out that Anita isn’t the first victim… will she be able to solve this? Let’s get into a twisted story, shall we? Note: mentions of sexual assault and rape.