2018: recap

Today, marks the last day of 2018 and like last year, I want to share my 2018 recap. I would love to reflect on my “2018: New Year’s Resolutions“. I started 2018 in Senegal and did some pretty cool things in Dakar. I’ve met so many new people that I’ll definitely keep in touch with. I really hope that I will be able to continue to focus on myself and my personal and professional progress. I think that it is important to set some goals at the beginning of the year, and reflect on them at the end of that year. This way, I have a look at my thought process at the beginning and the end of the year. Shall we get into whether I accomplished them or nah?!

2018 recap

Looking back on this year, I think it was a good year. I had the chance to be in Senegal for over a year and I was forced to find my own way through Dakar. Overall, I had the opportunity to work on myself and gain some cool experiences. Of course, I was able to do the things I wanted to do. Which is important! Below, you will see the things I wanted to do more of in 2018. Let’s get into reflecting upon those things!


One of the first things I wanted to do was read more books. I read a lot this past year and I’m so glad I was able to keep up the Twisted Book Club. I never thought I would actually read that many interesting books. I definitely have some cool reviews queued up for the Book Club.


Another thing I wanted to do more was writing. In 2018, I did less creative writing and poems. However, I did write a lot of blog posts! I am so happy I got to share more articles, not only here, but also on House of Notoire! I believe writing is still important.


I definitely took a lot of pictures in 2018. I went to a few weddings where my photography skills were highly appreciated. Other than that, I took all the pictures for #ELITESenegal2018, which I’m so proud of. As a result, I also got to take the pictures for Lyvv cosmetics’ launch at LuLu Home Interior & CafĂ©! I have tons of pictures that I still need to add to the Photo Gallery, so stay tuned. In the meantime, let me take you through 2018 via my pictures in the video below!


Networking in Senegal was a must. I had to make new connections in order to do what I wanted to do. I had to slide in a lotta DMs in order to get to talk with local creatives. However, I have also met a whole group of Youtubers in Senegal, which is AMAZING! Thanks to networking, I got to do a lot of cool things. I remember Fadieye always introduced me to everyone at Tigo and she never left anything out. I always feel so weird about that, but I have realized that it is so necessary. Now, I have to learn to introduce myself to EVERYONE else.


Even though I was both abroad and at home for most of 2018. I did not get to see much of other countries this year. However, I did get to see a lot of places in Senegal. I traveled between Podor and Dakar a lot of times, I have traveled throughout Dakar and gotten to know the city much better.

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