2019 Resolutions

Happy New Year!! Today is the first┬áday of 2018 and just like last year, I want to share some of my 2019 resolutions with you. If you are interested, you can read last year’s edition and the recap to compare for example. I hope everyone had a great holiday season full of love and joy. Let’s get into these ‘resolutions’!

2019 resolutions

creating content

I want to continue to create digital content, and I want to keep enjoying it too. Therefore, writing and photography will definitely stay on my list for 2019. However, I would like to work more with other creatives in the Netherlands. Also, the focusing will always be to share experiences through unique content . Furthermore, I would love to find ways to incorporate more video. These last few weeks, I have been editing so many video’s after such a long time and I am realizing now how much I actually love editing video’s lol.

reading and learning

In 2019, definitely want to keep reading intriguing books for the Twisted Book Club. There are still some reviews coming, and there are books that are on my to-read-list. For example, Michelle Obama’s Becoming or Tayari Jones’ An American Marriage. Other than reading, I would love to learn some new things. For example, I want to get into graphic designing. I want to take a course and educate myself on how to work with programs such as InDesign or Photoshop for example. That is definitely something new for my 2019 resolutions!


Networking is something that I need to improve. I used to be a social butterfly and somewhere, I still am, but not as much as I used to. However, I would like to step out of my social comfort zone so to speak. Also, I remember that when I was at Tigo, Fadieye would ALWAYS introduce me to others. She would tell people basically EVERYTHING I do: blogging, photography, video’s and basically summarize my education. I truly aspire to be like Fadieye, but for myself. I’m excited about networking, and going to events ALONE.


I definitely want to travel in 2019. I have no concrete plans yet, but I hope that I will find at least the money to do so. Other than that, I would not mind to take little trips within Europe here and there. I would want to go back to Italy, Berlin or France again! Let’s see what traveling in 2019 will bring.

Overall, I think that my 2019 resulutions come down to continue to expanding my comfort zone. Feeling more comfortable to try out new things, to see places that you wouldn’t normally go to and of course: to share it all with you! I think that this website is one of my greatest accomplishments. Want to know more about 2018 and my photography? Check out 2018 in pictures below ­čÖé

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