Black n’Curly: Natural Hair event in Dakar

For the first time, I went to a natural hair event orgainized by Black n’Curly in Senegal! How exciting?! As many of you know, I am natural. Also, I find it important that black women get more educated about their hair. Furthermore, naturals should also contribute to the representation of black women and girls. Also, children should not suffer due to ignorance, in terms of perms, no edges and forever having a tiny ponytail lol. All in all, I definitely wanted to see how many naturals would come, and exchange with them. Just to let them know that I’m here too! Let’s get into this Black n’Curly hair event!

Black n’Curly

That is the name of a brand here in Senegal. It is mostly focused on black beauty and afro hair care. They have an online community on instagram of naturals, they offer tips and tricks to. During the event, there were workshops in make-up, natural hair and styling. Overall, Black n’Curly is a brand in Senegal that puts a huge emphasis on empowering black women. Mostly so that they learn to live and love themselves to the fullest! And they overall exist to empower black women. Sweet message, right?Black n'Curly 2018

Youtubers in Senegal

I went to the Black n’Curly with my favorite Youtuber friends from Dakar! Agnèsenligne, I know from this press event I went to back in May. We were both invited to the Black n’ Curly event. It was a pleasure for me to see MayaOhomon and from Lady Bv2g again after meeting them at the LyvV cosmetics launch at Lulu. This was my first time meeting great Senegalese natural hair guru’s Franceline Lebrun and LecterFro! They were all such dolls, honestly. Definitely check out their Youtube channels and amazing content :).

Black n'Curly 2018the event

As I said, the Black n’Curly event was a combination of a networking, workshops and a mini-market. The event started with a little meet-up. People would walk around and explore the event, talk, laugh and take pictures. Then, the event started. There were three different workshops: make-up, natural hair and attaching turbans. I think that most people were really interested by the hair styling workshop that Nihamo from Lecterfro kind of took over. Haha she has this HUGE afro, and everyone wanted to know how she got it (lol). All in all, the event was amazing! Also, there were foods and drinks! There were pancakes, pastries, meals and enough bouye and bissap for everyone.

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