Senegal: What you should absolutely know about my latest trip!

It has been a long while since I wrote a blog, but I am back and I am currently in Senegal! Earlier this year, I talked about the trip I took to Fuerteventura and shortly after, I actually visited Madeira too. In this blog I want to share a whole lot about my latest trip to Senegal, but mostly: what I have done so far. The last time I went to Senegal was in 2019, so it was about time I come back. Not only to see family and (new) friends, but also for my creative spirit. During the pandemic, I have been a lot more creative and been inspired by so many creatives in the Netherlands. Therefore, this trip to Senegal is supposed to be a source of inspiration, connection and some sort of homecoming. Before we get into what I have done so far, I created this mini-travel guide! There are many more pictures of what I have done so far here in Dakar. You can also download the mini-travel guide at the end of this blog. Let’s go!


7. How To Easily Converse in Wolof: Waxtaan – Conversations

Welcome to the LAST Wolof Class: Waxtaan – Conversation! Yesterday, I taught you how to count in Wolof. Today, we are going to continue and finish by talking about Waxtaan. Which means to discuss or to conversate. Today, I want to focus on a couple of expressions and the way we talk in Wolof. It has officially been a week since I started Kaay ñu jang Wolof! Before we get into the subject: don’t forget to join the SeneGambia Vibes Club on ClubHouse where we do a Wolof class each Saturday (TODAY)! Until today, I posted a Wolof class on YouTube, a blogpost with a download to the syllabus and some stories and posts on my Instagram. I have to say that I am SO proud of myself! Especially since I decided to do this at the last moment. Such a procrastinator. – Let’s get into the last class: Waxtaan – Conversation.


Senegalese baptism

Senegalese baptism - nguenté

After sharing my experience at Senegalese weddings, I think it’s finally time for a traditional Senegalese baptism, or as we say in wolof nguenté! I have actually attended quite a few baptisms, however, this one is from my cousin Awa’s second-born. Just like Senegalese weddings, Senegalese baptisms actually have different parts, but can be very different. Let’s just get into the ceremony that (usually) comes after weddings!


Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza: I’m back in Senegal!

Yes, I am back in Senegal and this time I’m staying at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza! Normally when I go to Senegal, I stay with family. This is pretty common and also less complicated at times. This time, however, I was actually invited and it’s more of a business trip than leisure. Either way, I am definitely excited to tell you all about this trip to Senegal with you guys. Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza is where this journey starts. Let’s go!


Independence Day: Senegal

Every year on April 4th, we celebrate the independence of Senegal. Therefore, I’d like to take this moment to share with you a part of Senegal’s colonial history. Even though I have spent a lot of times in Senegal, I don’t always think of its history. However, I do think it is important to look back on history and think about how we got to where we are today. Let’s refresh on some history!


île de Gorée

I had the opportunity to visit île de Gorée or Gorée island again. The last time I was there was actually November 2017, so it was nice to be back. Believe it or not, but I haven’t actually spent much time by the sea or in the swimming pool. Therefore, I decided to team up with Fadieye and visit île de Gorée. In my other blogpost about Gorée Island, I share a lot of pictures with less context. Today, it will be different! Let’s get into this beautiful, historic island 🙂


Black n’Curly: Natural Hair event in Dakar

For the first time, I went to a natural hair event orgainized by Black n’Curly in Senegal! How exciting?! As many of you know, I am natural. Also, I find it important that black women get more educated about their hair. Furthermore, naturals should also contribute to the representation of black women and girls. Also, children should not suffer due to ignorance, in terms of perms, no edges and forever having a tiny ponytail lol. All in all, I definitely wanted to see how many naturals would come, and exchange with them. Just to let them know that I’m here too! Let’s get into this Black n’Curly hair event! (more…)

Lunch at Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried ChickenLast time, I took you out lunching at Pergola, today however, we are eating FASTFOOD! We will be eating at Southern Fried Chicken in Ouakam. This is my first time visiting SFC here in Dakar. I have seen the spot while roaming around Sandaga etc., but I have never actually been there. Until today! I am too excited to share this with you. Let’s just get into our lunch shall we?!