Twisted Talk: braiding myself

It has been a while since I updated you on my hair. The last time, I shared with you about my hair journey after the double side-cut. Today, I want to talk about braiding myself. YES! I braid myself. When I say I can braid my own hair, people always react shocked. As if they cannot believe that I can reach all the way to the back of my head. Let me tell you what people, I can actually reach all the sides of my head and put braids to it. Something else I can do: braid other peoples hair! Let me talk you through it.

braiding myself

For me, it is actually easy to do my own hair. I feel independent and very comfortable when I braid my own hair. The only person that religiously did my hair in my life is my mom. She has always braided my hair when I was young. Every time my mom did my hair, people would always be curious as to how long it took. My mom is a very good braider, and I actually learned from the best.

practice makes perfect

I had to” is the only reason I can box braid myself. I never wanted to sit still and always procrastinated. So, my mom decided that it she had enough of it. Then, I had to figure it all out by myself. And I did. I remember the first time I braided myself after a very long time. My team mates all told me that my hair looked good, but I knew it was a mess. And maybe, white people just can’t tell the difference the way black people do. However, I never gave up and kept practicing. Today, I actually braid my sisters and my mom sometimes. I even braid people that I don’t know. In fact, last week TWO women asked my number because they love my braids. If you would tell my 14-year old self that, I would not even believe you!

Senegalese twists and box braids

I love getting Senegalese twists and box braids! Even though Senegalese twists take much shorter time to install, I prefer box braids atm. I think that Senegalese twists get old much sooner than box braids. I find myself re-doing a lot of twists before the one month mark already. Also, twists unravel way easier than box braids. However, box braids are so annoying to take out. They are usually heavier and not always that good for the edges. Check out the video below if you want to see me in action. Let me know what you think! Note: all the pictures are braids and twists I did myself while in Senegal!

Below, you will find a video of me braiding myself. In the video, I am using X-pression number 30. Enjoy!

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