Daffie Be Proud: how to be absolutely proud of your afro!

In the first post of this year, I want to talk about my hair and Daffie Be Proud! Remember that you can still read all about my trip to Italy or my experience with IDFA and moderating. Since the start of the pandemic, I have been sharing much more about my natural hair. Both on my instagram, but also on YouTube. I have received a lot of positive reactions from sharing my natural hair and last year I even got my first collab with a Natural hair brand. Woop woop!! Yes, I received some Daffie Be Proud products to use and I did. So now I will share all my opinions with you. Let’s get into my hair en Daffie Be Proud!

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links and I may receive commissions for purchases made through the product links in this post. Nevertheless, they are all products I highly recommend. I would not recommend products I haven’t verified and/or personally used.


Daphne is a 25-year old young entrepreneur with roots in Surinam. She started off as a blogger and was always interested in natural hair. While roaming the internet for the newest hair video’s, she realized she needed to grow her hair longer in order to achieve some hairstyles. At age 14, she comes across a Black woman with very long hair and realizes that having long hair is also possible for her. That’s how she started to look for ways to share the information she came across with others. Mostly, because she wanted to recreate that feeling of empowerment for others too. How beautiful, right? You can hear more from Daphne herself in my vlog linked below!

Daffie Be Proud’s origin story

Well, Daphne also started to make DIY products to share with those who didn’t have time and that’s how Daffie Be Proud started! This all happened just a couple of years ago. She started to produce the products from her home and since last year they started to outsource production. What is important to know is that Daphne started her company with less than €400 and she started very small. She also says that there is no shame in starting small as you will grow with the business. In addition, you also get to understand all parts of your business as you will be managing this at the start. However now, she is in a position to outsource a part of her business while focusing on the things she is good at!

The products

I was sent the Daffie Be Proud’s shampoo, conditioner and their Mango butter blend all based on mango butter. Which is available in a combo-pack too. The first thing I noticed about Daffie Be Proud’s products was the amazing smell! If I could sample the smell in this blog or for the vlog, I definitely would! I still want to try the mango deep conditioner soon, which they recently launched and contains melon seed oil. Other than hair products, they also offer skincare products such as a face mask, body butter and a scrub. Yes, those are also based on mango, so I’m sure it wil smell amazing too! That is not it, they also have a line dedicated to MEN! Not only a body wash and lotion, but also an aftershave and a beard oil! Yes, before you ask: they ship WORLDWIDE!

Wash day

After taking out my twists, it was time for wash day! Like usual, I started with the Detangling pre-shampoo treatment from Dr. Miracles. When using this product after taking out my braids or twists, it helps to detangle my hair which minimizes tangles and gets the shedded hairs out the way. Next, I used Daffie Be Proud’s Shampoo which was very stripping, which I am not against (definitely with all the builduip from these twists). However, their conditioner is so moisturizing, it makes up for the stripping shampoo if you don’t like stripped hair. Then, I used the Maui moisture mask, dried my hair with a t-shirt and applied the Daffie Be Proud mango butter blend! Which you can all see in the vlog below.


Since the pandemic, I have been sharing a lot more about my natural hair on Instagram. I have always been natural so to talk to Daphne about her natural hair journey and the start of Daffie Be Proud was very empowering. While talking to Daphne she at one point says that she doesn’t want us to see our hair as an obstacle. Which is exactly what I am feeling whenever I do my hair. Whether it is my natural hair, braiding my hair, including wash day! Therefore, I will share some more natural hairstyles these coming weeks on Instagram. The first one is a twist out! Remember my blog about twist-outs and braid-outs? To achieve this twist out, I made some aloevera gel, used the butter blend and then twisted! The result speaks for itself.

My thoughts?

When I was approached for reviewing Daffie Be Proud, I was very excited! I think it is the dream of every content creator and blogger to be approached by brands that actually fit your profile. At the same time, I wanted to create something with a little more depth. Which is why I decided to visit Daphne in Amsterdam and talk to her about her journey and to get to know her. Not only did I get to meet Daphne, I also was able to talk with her about Daffie Be Proud and how she started. An interesting thing Daphne mentioned was that, “when it comes to haircare, 70% is how you treat your hair and 30% is about the products you use.” I think we can forget that easily when it comes to choosing the right hair products.

Overall, I really loved all the products so far. They smell amazing, it was great to use them after having worn my twists for so long. At first I was a bit scared the shampoo was too stripping, but once you use the conditioner, you are good! The products also worked well with my other products such as the pre-poo treatment from Dr Miracles and the Maui deep conditioner. Lastly, when it comes to the butter blend, a little goes a long way! I will definitely buy their deep conditioner and post an update video.

Definitely follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with the different hairstyles I will post. Or you can wait for the blog in which I will share them all at once!

Look for yourself how I went about this year’s first wash day, get to know Daphne and Daffie Be Proud. If you are interested in any of the products mentioned in this blog, definitely go to the links provided to order. Would you rather ask me some questions first? Definitely reach out under my vlog, or under this blogpost.

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