Fancy wedding at Alkimia, Dakar

fancy wedding cake - march 2018Today, I want to share another wedding with you. This time it is a fancy Senegalese wedding with a touch of Benin. This is the fourth wedding or so I attended! Last weekend, when Youma and I came back from the Superwomen Leadership Conference, her parents asked us to attend a wedding at restaurant Alkimia. So, like the good girls we are, we changed and prepared for the wedding reception. Let’s get into this fancy wedding, shall we?

fancy wedding at Alkimia

The fancy wedding took place at Alkimia, which is located at Almadies right before King Fahd Palace. I’ll be honest with you, I do not know the bride nor the groom. I attended as a +1 and we enjoyed it very much. Other than that, I have never really attended an extravaganza wedding in Senegal, so this is my chance to tell you about it!  Even though not planned, it was a cool experience. Who would I be to not share this fancy wedding? Mostly to give you a clear idea about how non-traditional this wedding was compared to the Cabo-Senegalese wedding and the Senegalese Wedding. Check it out for yourselves!


One thing I loved was the decor! It was truly a fairy tale. There were white flowers, trees and lights everywhere. The combination of white flowers and the light, made it magical. Other than that, the whole restaurant looked neat and pretty fancy too. 


I think that attending a wedding for the food is a pretty reasonable lol. After all, we were quite hungry before we left. Earlier, we attended the Superwomen Leadership Conference and we did not eat much. You could say that food was a deciding factor to our attendance. I mean, did you guys see that wedding cake??! Well, that was not all. There was a hugr table with all the desserts (look for yourself!).

There were separate places at the venue where you could get food. There was a separate room with all the appetizers such as sushi, fish, quiche, fataya, samosas and so much more! Then there was a separate space for the main dish. You could choose gratin or rice and then a meat and greens. I did not like the main dish at all, so I went straight into the desserts! Of course, I ate chocolate mousse until I had a foodbaby.

my opinion

Attending a fancy wedding was nice. No need for over-the-top traditional clothing or anything. I really liked it, maybe also because I was a guest and not a familymember of the bride. I’ve talked to people, networked and it was nice. Just a shame that Africa people don’t really believe in pursuing jobs such as writing, creating content and other arts. Either way, I’m glad I got to exprience this and of course: SHARE IT WITH YOU! But really though, would you attend a wedding just for food? Let me know why or why not?

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