How I became a Brand Ambassador

Brand AmbassadorWould you believe me if I told you that I’m a Brand Ambassador? Neither would I, especially if you would have told me that it would be for a cosmetics brand! Today, I want to share with you an amazing experience I’ve had here in Dakar. I mean, who would ever think to become a Brand Ambassador when all you did was take on the chance to be the face and model for a brand? Also, who would not want to know more about that story? I will tell you all about how I became a Brand ambassador for this cool cosmetics brand here in Senegal.

becoming the face of a make-up brand

So, as some may know, I’m eager to gain more experiences in entertainment and media. Therefore, I decided to apply for a lot more roles and go to castings while in Senegal. Honesty, I can tell you that I have been to quite a few castings, way more than when I’m in the Netherlands. This is because people who look like me will probably get cast for (almost) everything here in Senegal. Which is great, right? Well, it also means that when I go to a casting, I will definitely be joined by the rest of Senegal’s youth who will be expecting to get the same role. That is why I hesitated when someone tagged me in a post where Lyvv Cosmetics was looking for their new face. However, after doing research and a lot of thinking, I was finally convinced.

getting votes

How could you have a chance at becoming the face of Lyvv Cosmetics? Well, you had to repost a picture and get as many likes on it as possible. Of course, I put my marketing skills to work and tried my best to get as many likes as possible. When they published who exactly made the cut, they announced that 33 girls were retained. I was one of them (yay)! Then, the challenge was a bit trickier… They posted a collage of about 5 girls and each girl’s IG account as a comment. Therefore, if you wanted to vote for me, you had to like that comment, or reply to that comment that you were voting for me. All in all, it was very specific and not a lot of people understood. But hey, I did my best and got invited to a Casting with 15 other girls.


Brand AmbassadorThe casting was at Selly Raby Kane’s atelier and I definitely need to do a blog post about it! The atelier is amazing and so unique. The casting was actually really relaxed and laid back. I had a feeling that they initially would want us to showcase the lipsticks. Unfortunately, I was one of the first girls to go. However, I was wearing some lipstick already, because I definitely wanted to stand out. Not only that, I thought that it would only be logic to go with lipstick.

Brand Ambassador

Anyway, everyone that knows me, knows that I barely wear make-up and can definitely not be associated to any beauty brand. However, the same people should know that I am full of surprises, dare myself to do things I have never done and that I’m creative enough to make this happen! That is how I became Lyvv Cosmetics’ Brand Ambassador and that is how I will one day achieve my goals and dreams. I’m sure of it!

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