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Today, I want to share with you something cool: an introduction to Lyvv cosmetics + their values on beauty. Last time, I told you how I became a Brand Ambassador for Lyvv cosmetics. I shot my shot, got into their DM’s and suggested that they’d work with bloggers like me. To my luck, they were as enthousiast about it as I was. Now, I have created some content for them and today, I’ll share more about Lyvv!

introduction to Lyvv cosmetics

Lyvv cosmetics is a cosmetics brand that was founded in 2015 by Victorine Sarr. She is a Senegalese entrepreneur and has always wanted to create an inclusive cosmetics for women of color. Therefore, Lyvv’s collection is broad and the colors they offer are highly pigmented as well. What is also funny about Lyvv is that Victorine named most of her lip stains after inspiring women she met throughout her life. For example, there is this cool red color that she has named after Selly Raby Kane!! How cool and beautiful is that? To have a friend that is so inspired by your life and efforts that she names a product after you. I really need to get myself some new friends though (lol). Today, you can buy Lyvv cosmetics in Eden Garden Spa in Dakar or the Kente Sky Spa in Abidjan. For all the other women who are interested in buying Lyvv’s products, you can do so on

Lyvv’s values on beauty

Lyvv stands for encouraging women to Lyvv the beauty they are. What does that mean? Anything. No, seriously, Lyvv stands for women living the best versions of themselves. They also have an emphasize on women being able to define for themselves what beauty is and live up to that. There is indeed nothing more beautiful than a woman experiencing her beauty to the fullest in her own way. Exactly! Women should definitely Lyvv the beauty that they are. They should realize that this can be literally anything. 

my values on beauty

I can only agree with Lyvv’s values on beauty. I was lucky to have realized from an early age that it does not matter what people think of you. People will always have an opinion about the way you look, the way you dress or your character. However, should we change because other people are not comfortable with the way you are? Hell no, because everyone likes something different, meaning we do not have the time to dedicate our lives to changing in order to please other people. You are the way you are, and all you can do is accept it. If not, you can get on the bandwagon and change yourself, but you have to ask yourself: does this also make me feel better? Don’t get me wrong, self love is a never ending journey and you may struggle. Some days you will feel insecure and ugly, but that is also acceptable and beautiful about it, as long as you’re yourself.

Of course, we also want to hear all about your beauty values! You can check the introduction to Lyvv cosmetics+ beauty values on YT.

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