La Corniche Ouest

A popular spot in Dakar is La Corniche Ouest. I really love walking, so
I have walked on la corniche many, many times. First of all, la Corniche is super long. You could walk from just after the Monument of African Renaissance to Soumbedioune or even further. Once, I walked from Almadies to Sea Plaza. The weather was amazing!! I remember always driving on the corniche and finding it so beautiful, and I have always wanted to take beautiful pictures along the ocean. If I would tell Senegalese people I walked along the Corniche, they would think I’m crazy. Senegalese people don’t like walking lol. Let’s get into Dakar’s not so hidden gem! 🙂

la Corniche Ouest

The word corniche pertains to a road that is overlooking the sea. In this case, la Corniche Ouest de Dakar is actually overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. As some may know, I have this deep love for clouds and the sea. I can watch the waves hit the shore a million times and get lost in it. Other than that, I love that when you walk along la Corniche, you get to see some impressing things. When I walked from Almadies to Sea Plaza for example, I passed the Monument of African Renaissance, Mosquée de la Divinité, Mermoz and Sea Plaza.


There are many things you can do along la Corniche Ouest de Dakar. One thing is visiting la Mosquée de la Divinité. Which I still want to visit. Other than that, you can swim, go on a boattrip. When you drive along la Corniche Ouest, you will see a lot of people running and doing different excercises. Which is quite incredible, because I have never seen people collectively yet, individually excercise. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or can’t imagine it, I’ve got you. The visuals will be under this post!

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