Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza: I’m back in Senegal!

Yes, I am back in Senegal and this time I’m staying at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza! Normally when I go to Senegal, I stay with family. This is pretty common and also less complicated at times. This time, however, I was actually invited and it’s more of a business trip than leisure. Either way, I am definitely excited to tell you all about this trip to Senegal with you guys. Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza is where this journey starts. Let’s go!


La Corniche Ouest

A popular spot in Dakar is La Corniche Ouest. I really love walking, so
I have walked on la corniche many, many times. First of all, la Corniche is super long. You could walk from just after the Monument of African Renaissance to Soumbedioune or even further. Once, I walked from Almadies to Sea Plaza. The weather was amazing!! I remember always driving on the corniche and finding it so beautiful, and I have always wanted to take beautiful pictures along the ocean. If I would tell Senegalese people I walked along the Corniche, they would think I’m crazy. Senegalese people don’t like walking lol. Let’s get into Dakar’s not so hidden gem! 🙂


Senegal: Sea Plaza



Hi guys!

Sea Plaza, Dakar

I am not in Senegal anymore, and in my last two weeks I had a bit trouble with uploading photos… And since I really appreciate visuals I did not want to just publish text posts. I have to say that I really liked writing about and selecting pictures of Gorée Island to share with you guys in my previous post… Sooo I have decided to do that for more of my trips! This post it is about Sea Plaza! Sea Plaza is a huge mall by the sea that has different stores like Mango, Jennyfer’s, a supermarket, a bowling alley, cinema and more! I went to Sea Plaza with my cousin Marilouise. We just went there by taxi, went to the mall, I took a lot of pics of the mall itself… Then, we decided to get some food and just chill in the chill area, where there’s wifi and you can charge your phone for free. Afterwards, we took pictures of each other and just selfies. When we were done, we just went home. Just check out the pictures and let me know what you think!