LuLu Home Interior & Café

    A while ago, I shared with you Lyvv Cosmetics’ launch at Lulu Home Interior & Café. Before the launch, I met up with my good friend Audrey and she lunched and we took pictures at Lulu. Lulu Home Interior & Café is quite a unique and contemporary place. If you have done any Google searches on great spots to eat in Dakar, it must have come up. Not only is Lulu known for their food, but also the home interior items that they offer.  Let’s get to this interesting place with cute interior items, shall we?!

Lulu Home Interior & Café

Lulu Home Interior & Café is located at la Corniche, just after Sea Plaza and Radisson Blu Hotel. Lulu Home Interior & Café is a cute and cozy restaurant and place to buy furniture and things for at home. Not only that, but Lulu also sells products and clothing from Senegalese artists and designers. How cool is that right? The first thing I noticed in the café was that they had a quotes all over and it gives a vibe.

Lulu Café

Audrey got lunch at the Lulu Café. She got rice with a lot of fresh vegetables such as radishes, tomatoes, zucchini and shrimp. To drink, she had a cocktail of Bouye and Bissap. I had just a simple, but fresh Bissap. Audrey’s plate was so full, she didn’t finish it, haha.

Home Interior 

Audrey and I ended up doing a tour around Lulu to check out their furniture and interior! Of course, we took (a lot!) of pictures along the way. What I loved about it is that when you get into each corner, it basically looks like you’re in someone’s house. So, honestly, we have our own little IKEA in Senegal.

If you are in Senegal, definitely check out Lulu Home Interior & Café. If not for the food, for the furniture, the vibe and products from local Senegalese artists and designers! Otherwise, Lulu is a great space to get some work done :).

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