Lunch at Restaurant Le N’gor

Last time, I took you out lunching at Southern Fried Chicken, today however, we are eating local food by the sea at Le N’gor. How wonderful right?! Eating food and having an amazing view :). This is my first time eating at Le N’gor. I have never heard of the restaurant, but it is wonderful! I was meeting some new friends and it was a great spot to have lunch. Of course, I will share it with my favorite friends. Let’s get to our lunch with an amazing view shall we?!

Restaurant Le N’gor

The restaurant Le N’gor is located at la Corniche des Almadies. It is actually close to Alkimia, where we had the fancy wedding a while ago. Restaurant Le N’gor is a fancy restaurant by the beach. They have a fixed menu and the dishes consist both of fastfood and local food. The restaurant offers dishes of the day too. The dishes consist of fresh and local ingredients like fish, bouye, bissap and potatoes.



My friends and I went to Restaurant Le N’gor on a sunny Saturday. It was our first time meeting so, we decided to get some food together, and it was amazing actually. The restaurant was quiet, there were not a lot of people. Therefore, we had enough time for us three to get to know each other and talk about our activities in Dakar.




our choice

There was a lot of choice, but I could not resist the Poisson Braisé with fries. I don’t think there is something better than eating fried fish with fries and an amazing view. My friends got a Salad and a Burger. The burger was more an American burger than a typical Senegalese one. The salad was a rich chicken salad. besides chicken and lettuce it also included beans, corn, tomatoes




my opinion

Even though Le N’gor could be considered more high class than what I am used to, I loved the food. The fish was well-prepared, the fries too. The service was great, very polite and eager to help. The view was beyond amazing, as you can see for yourself. Therefore, I definitely recommend Le N’gor. If you are looking to eat somewhere in peace with an amazing view, Le N’gor is definitely it! If you go on a late Saturday afternoon, you might even have the place to yourself!

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