Place du Souvenir

I have already taken you along la Corniche Ouest de Dakar and the Monument of African Renaissance. Today, I want to take you with me to the Place du Souvenir Africain et de la diaspora here in Dakar. As you may remember, this is also where Black Panther was being displayed. Place du Souvenir is on the Corniche ouest, just next to Sea Plaza. Other than that, there are many things you can do at Place du Souvenir and also many things you can see. Today, I want to share with you some of the things I have done here during my stay in Senegal. Let’s get into it!

Place du Souvenir

First of all, the Place du Souvenir Africain is one of the largest cultural projects in Senegal. Here, the memory of many historically known and unknown black people live on. Amongst them you will find martyrs, activists and leaders of freedom. Place du Souvenir gives and receives Africans and those that belong to the African Diaspora. It is a framework where communication, science, intellects and cultures are exchanged. Also, it documents on great historical figures and intellectuals of the black world, which contributes to its pan-Africanist mission. Therefore, you will find many pan-Africanist artistic activities surrounding literature, culture and other art forms.


I have been to Place du Souvenir many times to partake in castings for example. People that work on movies or Senegalese televition shows, usually hold castings here. First of all, I think that they have enough space and equipment to allow directors to hold auditions there. Other than that, I think it is a pretty central and easy to go to. You will also find the Henriëtte Bathily Women’s Museum on Place du Souvenir. I went here for the T’étais habillée comment? |What were you wearing? expo. The women’s museum has different activities and expo’s throughout the year. I remember that they even held a Women’s Film Festival where they displayed films by women and for women.

La corniche ouest

What I love is that there is so much to see on the Corniche ouest. This means that if you just walk a little further when at Place du Souvenir, you will see some amazing things. For example, you can see the Monument of African Renaissance. There are also many black rocks where you could just sit and read a book. You can walk around and see some cool sea creatures. You could also decide to get your feet wet in a little natural pool. All in all, there are plenty of things to do at Place du Souvenir!

Have you ever been to Place du Souvenir? Let me know!

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  1. Malick Abdul Jabar says: Reply

    I’d like to meet you to make you understand that Place du Souvenir Africain is many other things.
    why you didn’t talk about the place where young Senegalese meet?
    Why didn’t you mention his restaurant where it is possible to eat wonderful Senegalese dishes and a superb pizza?
    Why haven’t you talked about the numerous concerts and cultural activities that from its context elevate Senegalese culture ?

    1. You can make me understand a lot of things without meeting me first. As I said, I just shared my experiences of what I did when I visited la Place du Souvenir.

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