Rome, Italy: the magic of revisiting my childhood home

In my last blog, I shared all about Venice and now I want to talk to you about Rome! Yes, after a couple of days in Venice, we finally went to the capital of Italy. I told you all about growing up in Italy as a child already, but I was so excited for Rome! It is crazy to think that now, 20-something years later, I find my way back in Italy and I finally get to go and see the city I grew up in! All I can say now is that the city is amazing! I remember seeing it for the first time from the tram and I was speechless! Other than that, there is so much to do here! Let me not digress, parliamo tutti di Roma – Let’s talk all about Rome!

from Venezia to Roma

Before we dive into the beautiful capital of Italy, I will tell you all about how we got here in the first place. If you remember correctly, we started our trip in Venice and we traveled from Mestre all the way to Roma Termini. So, before anything, Bou and I had already decided we wanted to go visit Rome after Venice. After some research, I found out that Italo is the train we needed. It is a highspeed train that can bring you from Venice to Rome and vice versa in less than four hours. Perfect, right?! YES! The trip was great and we were allowed to bring our luggage with no extra fees. What was even better was the amazing view of the Italian landscape!

Back to my childhood home

I was very excited to see Rome as an adult, where I would actually remember it for the rest of my life. Honestly, there were no big ephiphanies of dèja vus, but it made some of my childhood pictures come to life. I have to say that walking around in Rome was really relaxing and impressive at the same time. At almost every street there is a new sculpture, part of history or impressive streetway. The city of Rome is also very busy and booming. Not only with tourists, but also with many locals. There are a lot of clothing stores, supermarkets, souvenir shops and most importantly: restaurants and bars. You can get pizza and pasta everywhere you walk and I love that!

Other than just being in the city I lived in for a big part of my childhood, I actually had the chance to revisit my childhood home! Yes, right before I left, my dad explained to me where we lived exactly near Roma Termini. Which gives me an opportunity to actually talk about Italian architecture, and mostly their doors! I truly think they are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. So we used to live at Via Farini, next to Roma Termini. Now the appartments have been turned into a hotel and you can actually stay there! In the vlog below, you can actually see a throwback of when I was little at the same door!

Piazza Vittorio

Near to my childhood home, there is Piazza Vittorio. It is at walking distance of Roma Termini and I went here to explore the park a little bit. I loved it because it wasn’t too crowded and it was quite impressive. The park has a beautiful fountain, lot’s of palmtrees and it’s great to hang out here with friends. You can check for yourself!

First impressions exploring Rome

When I first walked around the city, I was mostly just looking my eyes out! Mostly, because there is so much to see and most of the things you see around Rome are impressive. The first day of exploring I first went to see my childhood home at Via Farini and then I explored Piazza Vittorio. Afterwards, I walked to the Colosseum and from there I walked to the Trevi Fountain. Between the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain you will be amazed by the Roman Forum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and every street and building you’ll see. It is very doable to walk everything, the first day I only did about 13.500 steps! You can take all your time to stop at everything for pictures and resting!

I know I was already hyped up about Venice, but Rome is a different kind of special! If you have the chance to visit, definitely do so if you didn’t plan to already. Definitely check out the vlog to join me as I explore the beautiful city of Rome! Have you ever been to Rome, or another city in Italy? How was that? Let a girl know in the comments!

In my next blog, I want to dive a little deeper into the different highlights of Rome. I will talk about everything I have done and seen while I was in Rome and most importantly: SHOW YOU! In the meantime, enjoy the vlogs, pictures and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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