Senegalese Twisted on House of Notoire

I want to share something fun with you guys today. Drumroll please… (badumtsss) As of the end of summer, you can find Senegalese Twisted on House of Notoire! Yes, that is all part of stepping out of my comfort-zone. Read further if you want to know about Cynthia, the beauty and brains behind HON. I will spill all this HONey!

House of Notoire

HON is a platform that brings women all over the world together. House of Notoire was founded by Cynthia Ritsma in 2010. Cynthia has traveled for most of her life, besides that, she has lived in Asia for 13 years. Currently, she works as a freelance Communications Consultant and Content Creator. House of Notoire is a result of Cynthia’s passion for travel and her love for connecting people.

Senegalese Twisted x HON

House of Notoire was looking for creatives that love traveling on Instagram. A friend asked thought it was perfect for me. I sent out an email showing my interest, although depassing the deadline. At this point, I didn’t even know that Cynthia was Dutch lol. Afterwards, we talked and a while later I found out she actually lives in Amsterdam. Then, Cynthia and I Facetimed and we talked about House of Notoire and we clicked. Check out one of my first articles Senegal: an introduction. I definitely have some cool interviews with POWERWOMEN planned on House of Notoire!

Senegalese Twisted | Youtube | Instagram | TikTok | Photography | Facebook | See you in my next post!

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