SNTWSTD in China!

Amsterdam - DohaLast Sunday was the day I embarked on my journey through Asia. I took my first flight in Amsterdam and went to Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. Yes, I flew with Qatar Airways, and I have to say that the flight was surely pleasant. In this post I want to share with you the beginning of my adventures in China, as well as what I am planning to do in Asia.

Chongqing, China

I arrived in Chongqing on Monday around 3pm while China 2017back home it would be Monday 8am. My friend picked me up at the airport and we took the light train to his University where he has his dormitory. I should say that the light train was actually very nice as it took us 71 minutes to get to his stop from the airport. However, I could see Chongqing from the air and actually see the beautiful city and all of its tall buildings and landscape.

After freshing up, we went out to eat and did some sightseeing in Chongqing. We ate this delicious vegetarian dish with rice and fried potatoes and some green bell pepper. (I forgot the dish, but I will take a picture next time I’ll eat it) Then, we went to this huge tower, where we could see over Chongqing. Look for yourself, the view is amazing!

Jiefanbei city mall

China 2017Afterwards, we went to the Jiefangbei City Mall,China 2017 which was still decorated with a lot of Christmas lights since the Chinese New Year was a few days before my arrival. I think the city mall looked very beautiful, and due to the holidays, it was crowded and I really enjoyed it.


We wrapped up my first day in China with some chicken and a walk on Nanbinlu, and look at this amazing skyline! China has some amazing buildings and they are great with lighting. People were busy with fireworks, lanterns and just having a good time. There were a lot of people and it was nice to experience this nightlife/ after-new-year’s-feeling.

China 2017 China 2017

Please bare with me guys. I am not able to daily check in on social media, mostly because almost everything is blocked (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) Other than that I am so looking forward to the next thing on our path. We are currently in Kunming, a city in Southern China. We will try to hitch-hike as much as possible towards Laos. Do not forget to follow me on IG: @senegalesetwisted and @sntwistedphoto. Check out my Facebook page @SenegaleseTwisted. This was it for today 🙂


You can watch the first episode of #BLCKGRLinAsia on Youtube.



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