Hitch-hiking to Jinghong

Breakfast in ChinaAfter my last post, we were in Kunming and we had to find ways to eventually make it to Jinghong. We really wanted to reach Jinghong at least by Thursday or Friday, mostly by hitch-hiking just to take on some adventure. In this post, I will talk you guys through how we finally made it to Jinghong, on friday :). Keep on reading!


Kunming - Jinghong 2017First, we traced the itinerary from Kunming to Jinghong and we knew exactly which high-way we had to take. On Wednesday, we went to this main road that would eventually lead to the highway we needed to take in order to reach Jonghing, namely the G8511. In Kunming, we started hitch-hiking and one of the first people we came in contact with was a Chinese girl that was really helpful as she brought us straight to another side of the G8511 where we would have a higher chance to hitch-hike to Jonghing. When we arrived at the G8511, we found a bus that cost us for ¥70 (about €10) each. Due to the fact that it was night, we decided to sleep in a hotel and continue our journey the next day. At this time, we were able to travel halfway to Jinghong, meaning we did half of 541 kilometers.

hitch-hiking to Jinghong

On Thursday, we went to the G8511 and tried to hitch-hike further towards Jinghong. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky and we sat almost all day at this stop where buses take a break, passengManlai - 2017ers and drivers get something to eat, go to the toilet, the bus gets cleaned and get gas etc. The point of being at this place was that there were buses that would go to Kunming and we hoped that there would be space for us. Despite the fact that most buses only had 1 place and we would not be able to reach Jonghing, we had an amazing day. We met the owner of the place, we had food with his family and talked a bunch. At the end of the day we stayed at a hotel in Mojiang.

being black in Asia

As you may know, not a lot of Asian people have ever seen black people in life and that really shows. Throughout my journey in Asia, I have taken a lot of pictures with people because they like my grey boxbraids or they just never met a black person before. Therefore, I

Manlai 2017

allow them to take a picture with me, as long as they send the photo’s to me (my friend) on WeChat. So, surprisingly, one of the bus drivers and many people that wanted to take a picture with us contacted my friend on WeChat, asking if we made it to Jinghong and eventually, he told us that he would pick us up the next day and he would bring us in his bus, for free! I have been telling you guys, connections are the key :).

That is how we made it to Jinghong. In my next post, I will be sharing my days in Jinghong with you guys! Do not forget to follow me on IG: @senegalesetwisted and @sntwistedphoto. Check out my Facebook page @SenegaleseTwisted. Thank you guys so much 🙂


You can watch the first episode of #BLCKGRLinAsia on Youtube.




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