SNTWSTD going to Cabo Verde

img_5306 Yes! You read that right :). I am going on a family vacation to Cabo Verde and I am very excited! I am also excited to share my experiences in Cabo Verde with you.Cabo Verde - Santo Antao

We plan to first visit Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. We will stay in Porto Novo, the capital of Santo Antão, the island nearest to São Vicente. After a couple of days we will head back to Mindelo where we’ll stay for the remainder of our trip before heading back to Amsterdam.

Cabo Verde

Even though the Cabo Verdean islands are located next to Senegal, I have never been there. One side of my family is Cabo Verdean and they are a large community in Senegal, so I am very excited to visit. Even in Rotterdam, the Netherlands there is a large community that is of Cabo Verdean descent.

Mindelo, São Vicente

Mindelo is the capital of São Vicente and the famous singer Cesária Évora was born in Mindelo. Also, Mindelo is located between the islands of Santo Antão and Santa Luzia, with the Canal de São Vicente separating it from Santo Antão. I expect to see a lot of historic artifacts and beaches during my stay in Mindelo.

Porto Novo, Santo Antão

Santo Antão, is actually the westernmost large island in Cape Verde and the continent of Africa. I expect to see some amazing landscape on Santo Antão, due to their vulcanic mountains and rivers in between. I expect to do a lot of hiking on this island too.

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