Thailand: Krabi

aonang - thailandAfter Chiang Mai, we continued our travels through Thailand with Krabi as our final destination. We took the night train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. I have to say that it was so cool to take a night train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, it was not really expensive and it was way more comfortable than expected. Unfortunately, we only stayed in Bangkok for one day. After this day, we went ahead and took a flight    to Krabi. We eventually stayed about a week in Krabi, to explore the islands, beaches and to chill for the rest of our trip, before heading back to China. In this article, I will share with you some cool things we experienced in Krabi. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on the amazing pictures!

going to Krabi town

Despite the fact that we only spent one day in Bangkok, I can say that it is a big city with a lot of high buildings and a lot to do and see. Before, the end of our stay in Thailand, we also went back to Bangkok for our flight to China and our final stay. There, I will talk a bit more about the beautiful city.
aonang - thailand - krabi
We stayed in this cute hostel in Krabi town run by this supersweet young woman who helped her father with her husband. She was so nice, welcoming and always happy to give us tips and ask us about our day and stay. Our initial plan was to stay in her hostel for a couple of days, but we ended up staying there for over a week, because she was so nice and we really liked our stay.

Aonang beach

img_3947One of the first beaches we went to and we visited multiple times, was Aonang. Aonang is a beach close to Krabi Town which takes about 15 to 20 minutes with a tuc tuc. The beach is very big, which is nice since the place is very popular among tourists. Alongside the beach, there are terraces where visitors can eat, drink and just sit. Also, there are places where you can get a Thai massage, or visit a spa. There is also a part of Aonang where there are stores, markets, restaurants and hotels.

Railay beach

img_4033Another day, we decided to visit Railay or Raileh beach. Raileh is a very beautiful and quiet beach to visit. Not as many tourists and visitors as Koh Phi Phi, which is the reason why we preferred to visit Raileh instead of Phi Phi. As my friend and I were actually chilling, reading a book and enjoying the view, all of a sudden there were a lot of monkeys coming from nowhere. It was actually supercute. I even witnessed one monkey stealing a woman’s groceries (she had a bag full of bananas lmao). Check out the video below for some footage.

img_4061 img_4064

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