Thailand: Jungle Tour

Jungle Tour - Hot Spring WaterfallIn the previous post, you could read about Aonang and Raileh beach. In this post, I will take you guys on the Jungle Tour with me! Since we stayed in Krabi for about a week, there was so much that we could do. After having spent some days on Aonang and doing a trip to Raileh, we decided that these organized trips were not too bad. Therefore, we decided to do the Jungle Tour. The tour includes transport, a trip to a Hot Spring Waterfall, visiting the Emerald and the Blue Pool and finally the Tiger Cave Temple. Leggo!
Jungle Tour - Hot Spring Waterfall

Jungle Tour

The first stop of the Jungle Tour was the Hot Spring Waterfall. I have to tell you, the Hot Spring Waterfall was super nice. The water was so hot, and it was very good for your skin, however, one should not stay in it for too long though.

Blue Pool & Emerald Pool

Next, we walked through the National Park to see the Blue Pool and the Emerald Pool. It was about 600m for the Blue Pool and about one km further for the Emerald Pool. It was so hot and we had to walk in the sun. Jungle Tour - Blue PoolThey were both Jungle Tour - Emerald Poolbeyond gorgeousness, see for yourselves. Note that the Blue Pool is empty due to the fact that it is 4m deep, and has quicksand at the bottom, which would make it dangerous to swim in. The Emerald Pool, was open for people to swim, however, I did not because it was supercold.

Tiger Cave Temple

Jungle Tour - Tiger Cave Temple viewThe last part of the Jungle Tour was visiting the Tiger Cave Temple. I have to tell you guys, we had to walk 1.237 Jungle Tour - Tiger Cave Temple view

steps up. At first, it does not seem as much. Mostly, due to the fact that you can see whether you have reached to top or not, but I tell you: that does not indicate anything. I thought I was halfway up, and then I realized that I was almost one-third way up. Which, was basically nothing. However, eventually I did over 1.237 steps and made it up. Got to see the amazing view and was so happy to go down. You can see my insta stories about that day below (yes, I saved those for you guys).

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