The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

The husband's secret Welcome to another book-review for the Twisted Book Club! You can read the previous discussed book All the Bright Places here. This time I will review The Husband’s Secret written by Liane Moriarty. It is the first book I’ve read written by Liane Moriarty. I read the summary, and was pretty much convinced. Also, I was very curious as to what a husband could possibly write to his wife in a letter to be opened after his death. Are you curious too? Read further and start reading the book! Enjoy this review.


The Husband’s Secret is written from three perspectives. First you have Cecilia who lives with her husband John-Paul and her three daughters. Then, you have Tess who lives with her husband and son Liam. Finally, you have the story of Rachel who works at the school where Cecilia’s kids go to. Rachel has a son Rob who has a son with his wife Lauren. Also, Rachel had a daughter, Janie, who died when she was 17. Those are the three perspectives.

The Husband’s Secret

The title relates to Cecilia who finds a letter in her husband’s, John-Paul’s, belongings. The letter is addressed to her, but she is instructed to only open it after his death. However, he is not dead yet and she is struggling on the decision whether or not to open the letter. Then, you have Tess who is temporarily moving back to her mother’s place in that same town. This is all due to the fact of a confession made by Tess’s husband and cousin Felicity. Tess is struggling with her marriage, her relationship with her cousin and best friend and how to move forward. Lastly, there is Rachel. The deal with Rachel is that she is still dealing with the grief of her daughter while also trying to maintain a relationship with her son, Rob and his family. Rachel thinks Janie was murdered and the killer is still out there.


I think that the essence of The Husband’s Secret is that everyone has their own secrets. It does not matter how old you are, there are always things about ourselves that we do not tell. There will always be things about each other that we will not share with others or bring up again. Sharing some of these things could have prevented a series of things from happening, while others will just blow up in our face. Which makes it all so much more beautiful, much more poetic, I suppose. There is no right secret to keep, or to share. It all comes down to our reactions to the things that are shared with us and the things we decide to share with those we trust.


I recommend reading this book. Even though it alternates between different perspectives, it is easy to follow. What is also very beautiful about this book is that these three people live in the same town/ neighborhood and that eventually, everything comes together. Liane Moriarty does such a good job of making the stories meet in The Husband’s Secret. That is why, after finishing the book, everything is so clear. Due to the fact it was an easy book, I was motivated to read more from Liane Moriarty. I cannot wait to share more of her books with you!

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