Update: July 2015

Hey Guys!

I am soooo sorry that I have not been able to update my blog for you guys since my trip to Poland earlier this May. I was really busy and to be honest, I was too lazy to upload pictures for you guys. Lol. So lame…

Anyways… I wanted to give you guys an update for the end of July. First, I wanted to share that I am officially back in Holland from my semester abroad! I have to say that Berlin was amazing! I have made new friends, I have learned a lot about living abroad alone and how to survive in another country on my own. To be honest, I would not expect it to go particularly wrong.. Mostly, because I am a very independent person already. Other than that, I think that everyone should live abroad at least for a few months. There are things that only experience can teach you, and those are the things that you will take with you forever.

I have been able to meet a lot of people from around the world! I really love that, because it broadens my horizon even more. It makes me want to know the countries my “new” friends are from. It gives me the curiosity to explore their countries and experience new cultures. So, I have also learned that I really want to travel more after my studies!


Soooooooo, my next adventure?! INTERNSHIP! Hahaha, OMG. I am actually kind of terryfied to do my internship, mostly because I hate the fact that I have to work at least 36hrs a week for 20 weeks :(. But on the other hand, it is all about gaining even more experiences and learning from them. Which is what I am a 100% about. Learning and sharing. I have sent out my resume to different companies around the world, but my main focus was Africa, and I am so excited about where I will end up. I might as well just end up in Holland too, lol. No expectations. Just hoping that it will eventually be a great experience that will give me a better indication of what I want to do after my studies. :).

I really hope that everyone is doing well. In the meantime, you guys can like my Facebook Page @SenegaleseTwisted and follow me on Instagram @SenegaleseTwisted.

Thank you guys! I will post a lot more on Instagram, Facebook and my Website! I am trying to figure everything out on here, so please bare with me.

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