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Hey guys!

I am so sorry for not updating you guys in a while! But I have finally found some time to share my experiences and a lot of pictures with you. I had the opportunity to go to Poland with my South Korean Gang! We had a few days free, so decided to go to Poland, which is literally our neighbouring country (of Germany).

The highest building of Warsaw, Poland – May 2015


Sooooo, we arrived thursday morning in Warsaw and the whether was okay. Not too cold and also not too hot. We arrived around 8AM in Warsaw. We were supposed to leave at 22h, instead, we left at 23h50. The tickets were supercheap, €19 from Berlin to Warsaw with Ecolines. We were able to sleep on our way to Poland, because we knew that we only had one day to see the most of Warsaw.

After we dropped our luggage in our room, we took the tram to the city and started exploring the area. The first thing we saw was the big city mall, and of course, as we are ladies, we HAD to get in and check it out.



exploring the city

After we were done window shopping, eating and just enjoying our first day in Warsaw, we IMG_0975decided to get down to the real IMG_0978exploring of the city. We first went to the tourist information center, where we asked for any recommendations and of course the girls of my gang did their own research and knew a few places they definitely wanted tovisit. So, we started at the highest building of the city. We were able to go all the way to the top and just enjoy the amazing view.

IMG_0980   IMG_0989

old town

After we were finished enjoying this amazing view, we decided to go to the Old City of Warsaw. The old city was beautiful guys! Check here for yourselves.

IMG_1034 IMG_1035

Selfie with the lovely On Yoo.

IMG_1037 IMG_1016

Selfie with myself. Old City, Warsaw – May 2015

IMG_1040 IMG_1058


Chopin MuseumIMG_0575

After we took a lot of pictures and walked around the old city. We went to the Chopin Museum. The museum about Chopin and his life was amazing. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to take all our time and see everything. But we saw everything, and took a lot of pictures. Additionally, we listened to his music and it was amazing. So peaceful and sophisticated.

Music Notes outside the Chopin Museum – Warsaw

IMG_1066 IMG_1073IMG_1063 This was our day in Warsaw! I hope you guys stay tuned for the other days in Krakau and our trip to the concentration camps in Auschwitz-Birkenau.


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