Twisted Talent behind ELITE Senegal 2018

Twisted Talent | ELITE Senegal 2018Last week, I attended and assisted during the program of my friend Fadieye called Elite Senegal 2018. ELITE is an acronym and stands for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and IT Exchange. During one week, we had over 40 girls that study sewing at CAIF and gave them workshops and trainings in entrepreneurship and leadership. However, before I tell you all about this amazing program, I want to dedicate my first Twisted Talent post to formerly introduce you to the great people behind it. Let’s get into this overdose of talent! (more…)

Korité in Podor

May was the beginning of Ramadan and the most part of Senegal was fasting. For a whole month, Muslims all over the world were fasting. And at the end of Ramadan, the same Muslims were celebrating Eid. In Senegal, Eid is called Korité. It is the first day after 29 or 30 days of fasting that Muslims are not permitted to fast. The Holiday celebrated the conclusion of the month of Ramadan. It is not the first time I have celebrated Eid or Korité in Senegal. Today, I will share with you how I celebrated Eid in Podor with my family. (more…)


ElectrafriqueA while ago, Youma and I went to an edition of Electrafrique organized by OkayAfrica and KAANI. I wanted to see what the party would be like and if I’d like it. Sure, I wanted to connect with Dakar’s creative scene, and see what Electrafrique would be like. I wanted to see what kind of music it would be and if it would be my style. Of course, I also came to get shots, have fun and create. Let’s get into Electrafrique! (more…)

Fancy wedding at Alkimia, Dakar

fancy wedding cake - march 2018Today, I want to share another wedding with you. This time it is a fancy Senegalese wedding with a touch of Benin. This is the fourth wedding or so I attended! Last weekend, when Youma and I came back from the Superwomen Leadership Conference, her parents asked us to attend a wedding at restaurant Alkimia. So, like the good girls we are, we changed and prepared for the wedding reception. Let’s get into this fancy wedding, shall we? (more…)

Superwomen Leadership Conference 2018 by JEADER

Last weekend, I went to the Superwomen Leadership Conference 2018 organized by JEADER, which stands for Jeunes Entrepreneurs Africains + Leader. The Conference was at Novotel next to Ibis in downtown Dakar. It was my first time attending an event that focused on (super)women in Senegal. In addition, I heard that certain superwomen from Wakanda would be present. Which meant that I definitely wanted to attend. Obviously, it is pretty inspiring to attend an event for women. I have been to many events in my life, but they always give me a new source of energy. Some would claim it could be motivation, but I’d rather call it Vibranium mixed with #BlackGirlMagic. Read further if you want me to transmit some of the Vibranium and #BlackGirlMagic!  (more…)

Black Panther in Senegal

It has been about two years that we have been waiting for the release of Marvel’s Black Panther. However, ever since the announcement, the world has been impatiently waiting for its release. Teasers have been circling all over the internet and throughout the world. This includes funny memes, GIFs and hashtags such as #InWakanda. Of course, I was one of the many people that has been waiting a long time for the Black Panther release. In January, I contacted the cinema’s here in Dakar, asking if and when they would screen Black Panther. I was definitely happy to hear that they would premiere Black Panther on February 16th. Certainly, I was happier when I reserved myself a ticket for the original version (English spoken) of Black Panther for last Friday! In this post, I will tell you all about it. Keep on reading :).


Dakar Digital Economy Symposium 2018

Dakar Digital Economy Symposium 2018A while back, I went to the Dakar Digital Economy Symposium at the Radisson Blu hotel next to Sea Plaza. It was the first time attending such an event while in Senegal. In addition, it was Tigo that sponsored the event and I had the chance to help out. Therefore, I designed the badges and helped on the day of the event. Even though I do not know a lot about IT and how to build a start-up, businesses in emerging markets and the role of digitalisation are interesting. If you are curious about the Digital Economy Symposium 2018, keep on reading! (more…)

Cabo-Senegalese wedding

cabo-senegalese wedding   Today, I want to share something special with you: A Cabo-Senegalese wedding I attended! I hope you enjoyed the post about the other Senegalese Wedding I attended last September. My sister is the one that got married this time. Her boyfriend (now husband) is Cape Verdian, which makes their wedding Cabo-Senegalese :). Let’s get into these Cabo-Senegalese wedding celebrations!