2018: New Year’s ‘Resolutions’

Today is the first day of 2018 and just like last year, I want to share some of my “2018: New Year’s Resolutions” with you. If you are interested, you can read last year’s edition and the Recap to compare for example. I hope everyone had a great holiday season full of love and joy. Let’s get into these ‘resolutions’!


Reading more books is something I want to continue in 2018. Like I said in the Recap of 2017, I will start the Twisted Book Club. In the Twisted Book Club, I will share my take on some of the books I’ve read. The books I’ll talk about are probably books that are well-written, have an important message or talk about an important subject. I am challenging myself to write about the books in such a way that does not spoil too much. And of course, my goal is for you to read the books I recommend (duh). The reason for starting the book club, is because after reading a book and being so wrapped up in the story, I really want to talk about it. And it is so hard to talk about it when people have not read the book. Thankfully, my younger sister reads a lot and we can talk about the characters and stories.


Writing more is also something I want to continue. Since I want to write a book one day, I want to shift my focus on writing short stories instead of short poems. I think that I just have to convert one of the many storylines that have been living inside of my head into a real story. I will also try to share some of the short poems under my photography, or in a book review. You never know, maybe next year I will add a new segment where I share short stories! Who knows?!

sntwistedphoto galleryphotography

Taking more pictures is definitely something I want to keep doing. Photography is something I have grown up with and I know the importance and the value of documenting life. I always look through the dozens of childhood pictures we have at home, and I am always thankful for having that. Also, I think I want to add videography to this ‘resolution’. I have spent the last year adding quite a few videos to my YT channel, and I have to say that I actually enjoy creating videos. Of course, I want to improve my skills and maybe try to develop my own style. Do not hesitate to follow my photography  on IG: SnTwistedPhoto or you can check the Photo Gallery. 


Enlarging my network is something inevitable and necessary. You always have to reach out to people, share your opinion, and just network with other people that are in your field or that you just admire. I definitely have reached out to people that are doing cool things, and live in the same area/ country. Almost always, it is just to let them know that I see them, their work and their efforts, and that I appreciate it. And usually, those interactions can bring opportunities and great collabs!


Cabo Verde - July 2017Traveling more is something I really want to continue. However, the way my savings are set up, I will not be able to travel as much and as far as last year. Although there are more creative and faster ways to experience traveling. Since I am still in Senegal, I could also try to discover the different regions of Senegal. There are a lot of cool places to visit within Senegal itself, and of course: more adventure for me!


Dakar - December 2017Overall, my goal is to expand my comfortzone. I want to do more of the things that I find uncomfortable, but necessary. So for example, when I see another blogger or creative, I should push myself to introduce myself, make small-talk etc. If I am attending a meeting or presentation and someone asks a question to the audience, I should speak up (if I know the answer that is). All in all, 2k18 should be all about expanding the c-zone! Who knows what might come from it?! We’ll just have to see.

Other than that, I want to wish EVERYONE an outstanding beginning of the year! I am excited about what 2018 will bring.

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  1. Go go 2018 gooaals, also i highly recommend you should add: listening to BTS, coming back to the Netherlands and last but not least spend more time with me 😀
    xooxoo Sassert

    1. Senegalese Twisted says: Reply

      Hahaha, I will do all those things! Thanks for your comment 🙂 <3

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