High Tea at Aroma Coffee & Cake Dakar for Women’s Day


International Women's Day at the office - March 8 2018Last Thursday it was March 8th: International Women’s Day. The day begun with us all getting roses from the head of the department. We all got roses. : we all got roses! Which was sweet of him. The whole day was about celebrating women which was really cool. The head of the department invited us to Aroma Coffee & Cake at the end of the day. We had a high tea there and that’s where I’m inviting you to. Keep on reading if you want to get a glimpse of our high tea 🙂


Aroma Coffee & Cake - Women's DayAroma Coffee & CakeAroma Coffee & Cake Menu - Women's Day

Aroma Coffee & Cake is located right between the restaurant Kabylie and the Tigo HQ at Almadies. Aroma Coffee & Cake is (obviously) a place where you can go to for your coffee and cakes. Also, they offer breakfast, lunch and a diverse range of drinks. They do have a changing menu just like many other restaurants here in Senegal called plat du jour. Although there was a lot to choose from, we all chose something from their bakery selection.

Aroma Coffee & Cake - Women's DayObviously, we chose a time where most people were still at the office. Therefore, the place was quite calm. There were about three or four employees, but at least they were efficient. We did not have to wait a long time, because the cakes were ready to eat etc. The employees were nice and easy with us. Overall, the place is very nice, great range of cakes and delicious too!

Aroma Coffee & Cake - Speculoos

our choice

Since we were with so many, I will share with you the different cakes that we had among us. The advantage of being with so many people is that we got to share our cakes with each other. I, for example, chose the Chocolate cake. However, I basically tasted all the cakes displayed if not more. They were all very different, but all delicious. I have to say that my favorite was the Speculoos one. It was very delicious. My drink of the day was Bouye, the Baobab fruit. It was sweet, but very natural. Aroma offers a wide range of natural fruit drinks too.

Aroma Coffee & Cake - Foret NoirAroma Coffee & Cake - Red Velvet Cake

my opinion

I definitely loved the cakes served at Aroma. Normally, I do not even like cakes and pies. However, I did not mind it for International Women’s Day. Neither did I mind trying out all these different cakes with my colleagues. The service was good.

Aroma Coffee & Cake - Cheese Cake

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