Eating at Kabylie in Dakar

Kabylie - February 2018Last time I took you with me to lunch at All Fashion. Today, we are eating at Kabylie in Dakar. Kabylie is a restaurant that offers a wide range of foods and dishes. Since our office is not far from Kabylie, and we usually go when we are in the mood for junkfood. Let’s just get into the dish ok?!

Kabylie - February 2018KabylieKabylie - February 2018

Kabylie is a restaurant located at Almadies in Dakar. The restaurant is actually from the same owners as Chez Katia, which is also located in Almadies. Their menu is basically the same. We go to Kabylie quite often.



Kabylie - February 2018Of course, it is also possible to eat local dishes and every day there is another plat du jour. Other than that, there are pancakes, pizza’s, pasta’s, salads and much more. Even if I usually get the same thing, I love that there is plenty of choice. Overall, the atmosphere at Kabylie is also nice. They always have a Trace Music channel on, so you get that urban background music. Most of the time you can just sing along. Other than that, it is usually quiet. Not too many people, meaning not to many orders, meaning not having to wait too long for food lol! Also, service is ok. Sometimes waitresses forget your order, because they are too stubborn to write it down and think they will not forget. Overall, the place is alright.


Hamburger at Kabylie - February 2018my choiceHamburger at Kabylie - February 2018

I usually go for a hamburger at Kabylie. I love Kabylie’s cheese! In Senegal, the hamburgers are usually very full. The buns consist a patty, an egg, fries and sauce. Which means that it is a big burger. Today, I will not only share my choice, but also what my colleagues had for lunch.


My colleagues chose the dish of the day: rice and chicken. It looks delicious, doesn’t it? What you see is a classic yellow curry rice dish with curry and finely chopped vegetables and chicken. Not sure if you can see it on the picture, but it included small prawns.

Plat du jour at Kabylie - February 2018

my opinion

I definitely love Kabylie’s hamburgers. The restaurant’s service is allright, and we come here quite often. I might make another blog post about this restaurant, but of course only if I’ll eat something else!  I definitely recommend eating lunch at Kabylie’s. Especially if you like fast food. Check out Kabylie’s Facebook page here for more information!

I’m excited to share more of my lunches with you! If you are interested in following Senegalese food trends, check out #LekkRekk. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on IG: @senegalesetwisted and @sntwistedphoto for photography and video’s. Check out my Facebook page @SenegaleseTwisted. See you during my next lunch :).




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