Bazoff in Dakar: delicous dinner!


I went to dinner at Bazoff with Youma, and when I did, I knew it was time for another foodblog! It has been such a while since I wrote one. Also, since I’m back in Senegal, I just knew it was about time. In my last review, you can read all about Mawa’s Taste of America. Today, I’m taking you with me to Bazoff in Dakar. This is the first time I went to Bazoff and it was amazing. Let’s get into some great, delicious food!



Bazoff is a restaurant and pub that is located at Sicap Baobab, which is not far from Liberté 1/2 and Grand Dakar. Other than that, Bazoff is not only a restaurant, but also a pub. Which means that if you don’t want to eat at Bazoff, you can sit at the bar and actually drink some cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with some girlfriends etc. When I went to Bazoff, I did not go for the pub, so I cannot say a lot about that part of Bazoff. However, I did get to eat some pretty amazing food, so I’ll tell you about that.

When I went to Bazoff, I went with Youma. Whom you guys definitely know from most of my Senegal adventures. So, we went together and for starters, she got calamari and I got myself some shrimp with garlic. We also exchanged some of the food. I have to say that both dishes were really good. They were well-seasoned, both had their own sauce and salad. Also, the salads had their own dressing. Both dishes were good to start off with, not too heavy on the stomach and really tasteful.

Next, we both got a main course. Youma really wanted to eat some aloco, which is fried plantain. With the aloco, she had a nice peace of steak as well. Even though I had so much to choose from, I definitely had set my mind on some fried fish with fries. And boy, did they deliver! I got the fish that’s locally known as Thiof, which is a white grouper. With both our dishes, we got a sauce. Hers was for the meat, and mine for the fish, obviously. We both got pieces of bread with our dishes, and a cold and fine-cut salad. I ate the whole fish with bread and fries. I definitely LOVED it.

my opinion

I LOVED Bazoff. We had some amazing food, and we were so full afterwards. The vibe was amazing. You know the sound of people talking and having a good time over food? That was how the atmosphere was at Bazoff, but in French. There was a football game playing on the background. Families, couples and friends were eating some good food. The waiters and waitresses were interacting with their customers. I also believe that the owner of the restaurant came by to check up on us. Overall, Bazoff is a restaurant you should be definitely visiting when in Dakar.

I have inserted this video below in my blogpost about Mawa’s Taste of America and Bantu knots. However, if you want to get a better idea of what eating and food at Bazoff would look like, take a look at the last part of the video below.

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