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Mawa's Taste of America

For the first time I’ve visited Mawa’s Taste of America and gotten to eat an American-ish brunch. Also, I know it has been such a long while since I wrote a foodblog! However, since I’m back in Senegal, I know I have to. My last review was about Miam’s Restaurant in Dakar. Today however, I’m going to show you some real American inspired breakfast/ brunch/ lunch from Mawa’s Taste of America. I’m so excited to talk about food again, especially brunch. So, let’s get into some typical American food shall we?!!

I went to Mawa’s Taste of America after coming back from Saint-Louis. I was supposed to meet Kemo one last time before he would be out of the country. Since I was with Youma and her sister at the time we decided to make it a group thing. Her and her sister had already eaten there and really recommended it, especially for brunch.

Mawa’s Taste of America

Mawa's Taste of America

Mawa’s Taste of America is actually located next to Pergola! Also it is at the same place where Chez Fatou is located. For those who are more familiar with Dakar, all these restaurants are at Almadies in Dakar. Mawa’s Taste of America has a real wide range of American-inspired dishes. I definitely loved the fact that their menu’s were really visual. Especially since I need to visualize the food before ordering, lol. It was at least much easier to envision the food and get an idea of what you’re going to get.

Mawa's Taste of America

my opinion

I definitely loved eating my first American breakfast at Mawa’s Taste of America. I loved the fact that they had a visual menu. Also, we were lucky with the weather, and I loved being there. The atmosphere was really nice and there were not a lot of people even though it was during the weekend. The service was great too, all our requests were taken care off and questions were answered. Overall, we did not have to wait too long for our food. I think it takes longer to actually make a decision on what to eat rather than waiting for the food. Especially when you’re indecisive.

The funny thing about this particular food post, is that I was so busy trying to be the perfect vlogger, that I forgot to take descent pics. I’m so sorry about that guys. However, I promise that if you check the video, you’ll get a better idea of Mawa’s Taste of America, the food and I also managed to capture a bit of the atmosphere. Don’t hesitate and let me take you through Dakar again, and there’s even a preview on my NEXT FOOD POST! Can you guess where I’ll be eating next? *wink, wink*

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