Melo in Dakar: brunch!

Melo Dakar

I went to brunch (again), and this time I went to Melo a popular spot in Dakar! In my previous review, I told you all about my delicious dinner at Bazoff. Today, however, I’m sharing my brunch at this supercool spot. This is actually my first time visiting since they moved! Just look at this cool sign they have, it is so inviting! Voulez-vous manger avec moi? Venez!


Melo is a p√Ętisserie, located at Ngor, which is just between Almadies and Ouakam/Mamelles. I actually went there when at their previous location, literally 100m away. Anyway, at the time, I was interning at Tigo and attended this photoshoot for the Tigo Calendar. However, it had outgrown that spot and moved a little bit further. The new location is much bigger and is more suitable to host their customers. Furthermore, Melo is the perfect place where one can get some breakfast or brunch. I went to Melo with Audrey and we were pretty satisfied!

Melo Dakar

The atmosphere at Melo is truly nice. There were a lot of women and young people. Also, the place is really cozy, so even if you were to eat alone, you definitely could! Even though we were there around noon, the place was quite busy. I definitely loved how Melo is actually more cosy as everyone is inside, as opposed to Mawa’s Taste of America, everyone sat outside. Besides the atmosphere and coziness, the service was fine. We were well-attended and we were checked upon enough.


Melo Dakar

Even though I don’t consider myself a breakfast or a lunch person, I definitely loved brunching at Melo’s. I had some American pancakes with chocolate. Audrey had an omelette with toast and some fruits with a piece of oreo cheesecake (Nomnomnom). It was really nice catching up with Audrey, and reminiscing over some food at a cute picturesque place. If you’re ever in Dakar looking for a cool spot to get breakfast or lunch, definitely stop by Melo! You can even hop by for some cake or drinks! Definitely check out my ultimate food vlog where you’ll get a quick insight into Melo!

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