Berlin: Potsdam

Hi guys! Hope everyone is fine. This post I want to share a few pictures of my trip to Potsdam! I went on a sunny Saturday with a few other exchange students and we had an amazing day. We walked soooo much, but it was totally worth it :).


Our trip started with exploring the area of Potsdam and there were a lot of beautiful places! One of the first particular places we visited was a church! I am not a church going person or particularly religious, but I found it really beautiful and peaceful on the inside. The art and decorations inside were very eye catching and colorful :).

IMG_0854  IMG_0861


Art that portrays the differences between West and East Berlin. – Potsdam

Schloss Sanssouci

The pictures underneath, I took when we were walking to the Schloss Sanssouci. So beneath, you can see the fountain, monuments and nature. I do not want to say too much with every picture, because, I took a lot of pics, so I will not say too much lol.

IMG_0876 Schloss Sanssouci - Potsdam


IMG_0895 Schloss Sanssouci - Potsdam


Schloss Sanssouci - Potsdam

Schloss Sanssouci - Potsdam

Schloss Sanssouci – Potsdam

 IMG_0877 IMG_0887    IMG_0908

IMG_0934Of course, we had to get something to eat after all that walking! I got myself some fries, a hamburger and fries! It was really nice and we enjoyed our meals after a long day walking around Potsdam. After we got food, we just kept on walking because we wanted to see another museum, but unfortunately, this one was close. And we just took pictures of the nature and other buildings. Hope you guys enjoyed! I have a lot more for you guys :).







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